Haberlander: By the end of January, a third of those over the age of 80 should be vaccinated


The main focus is on residents and employees in retirement and nursing homes (APH), but also 14,400 over-80-year-olds who do not live in homes can be offered a vaccination, Haberlander said in a press conference.

From Friday onwards, seniors can register via the homepage and via a hotline, and vaccinations will be available from next Tuesday. Expect until the end of January Newslander, “that we were able to give about 30 percent of those over the age of 80 the first vaccination”. There will probably be waiting times when registering and a reservation system will be set up for those who do not get an immunization in the first step, emphasized Newslander. “The vaccine is a scarce commodity, we hope for more from the federal government.” Employees at Covid stations in hospitals, doctors, pharmacies and ambulance should also be given a chance.

The vaccination doses are distributed to the districts, depending on how many people over the age of 80 live there. The district administrative authorities decide which location in the district will be vaccinated, this should be communicated on Thursday, explained the country’s vaccination coordinator, Christina Pilsl.

985 residents vaccinated in the previous week

In general you notice a very high willingness to vaccinate, said Newslander. The consciousness begins to turn, the first vaccinated are multipliers. 985 people in retirement homes were vaccinated in the first week of the new year. By the end of the month, everyone who wants should have had their turn. But residents and employees who only get a taste for it after the appointments in their home “are of course vaccinated”. By the end of February, they want to be finished with the administration of the second dose in the APH.

Vaccination centers are needed where the vaccine can be stored, currently only the one from Biontech / Pfizer is administered, which is “a bit complicated to use”. The more material – “soon, hopefully also from Moderna and AstraZeneca” – you get, the more widely it can be distributed – also to general practitioners. “We need more vaccination doses,” that was the key Newslander clear. As soon as these are in Upper Austria, they will also be vaccinated. Austria buys on the world market and Upper Austria gets a sixth of this amount.

This week 11,155, next week 23,400 and in the last week of January 13,400 people in the country will be vaccinated, calculated Newslander in front. The vaccination coverage of those over 80 will take many weeks. “We have access to the majority of the doses”, said Pilsl, there will be vaccinations from the current orders and the second dose should be taken into account.

The press conference to take a look:

SP calls for contact points in districts

The SP Upper Austria has called for the installation of so-called anti-corona service centers (ACS) for an “end to the corona chaos” and for an “active pandemic fight in the federal state”. As the state party leader of the social district Birgit Gerstorfer said in a press conference on Monday, there should be such a contact point per district, and more in larger districts. The ACS should be vaccinated and tested free of charge, which is important with regard to the planned freedom.

Gerstorfer and health spokesman Peter Binder agreed that the posts would have to remain in place until the virus was defeated. Both estimated that this “permanent service” would not cost more than the “permanent locking and unlocking of test stations”. It is important that there are decentralized fixed contact points for all Corona issues, they justified their strategy. According to their ideas, this “low-threshold and local offer” should start on the weekend of the planned mass test, i.e. from January 22nd.


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