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 The  corona lockdown is also being extended in Hamburg. © The  measures to contain the corona pandemic in Germany, which are limited until the end of January, will be expanded until mid-February.

Practically everything that is valid now and until January 31st, will until February 14th updated. This includes the closure of restaurants, cafes and retail stores with the exception of shops for everyday needs. From the theater to the fitness studio to the hairdresser, numerous cultural and leisure facilities as well as service providers remain closed. Chancellor Angela Merkel and the prime ministers of the federal states decided on Tuesday. Hamburg’s Mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD) confirmed the agreement in the evening. This was necessary “because the number of infections is still too high and because additional risks from virus mutations are to be feared.”

Employers should offer home office

To contain the corona pandemic, employers must give their employees the following in the future Working from home Enable wherever the activities allow. “I was particularly committed because we need to further relieve local public transport in Hamburg,” said Tschentscher. If the presence in the company is essential, the employees should be provided with medical masks. Working hours should be flexible. ©

 The  regulation should apply until March 15th.

Professional masks in shops and local transport

In addition, the Mask requirement tightened. In the future, so-called surgical masks or mouth and nose covers with the Standards KN95 / N95 or FFP2 are worn. Everyday masks, self-sewn fabric masks or scarves pulled over the nose are no longer sufficient there. ©

 The  staff of old people’s and nursing homes should always wear FFP2 masks when they come into contact with residents.


Three FFP2 masks.
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“Take care of children at home whenever possible”

Until the end of the negotiations, there was a dispute about how to proceed with schools and daycare centers. In the end it came out that the Requirements for schools and daycare centers extended until February 14th will.©

 The  presence requirement remains suspended,” said Tschentscher on Tuesday evening. Distance teaching will continue to be carried out as well as possible in Hamburg. “Whenever possible, children are looked after at home.”

Senate will discuss details on Wednesday

In Hamburg attempts will be made to reduce the attendance rates at schools and daycare centers. However, it should still be possible for working parents to take care of them “if this is absolutely necessary”. How exactly this will be implemented in Hamburg will be discussed in the Senate on Wednesday.

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