Hamburg: This Elbe promenade becomes the Jan Fedder Promenade


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Jan Fedder († 64) gets a path named after him at the port:  The  so far not officially named Elbe promenade between Landungsbrücken and baumall is to bear the name of the popular actor and honorary commissioner of the Hamburg police. ©

 The  suggestion came from his widow Marion.

Even more than a year after his death on December 30, 2019, the actor (“Großstadtrevier”, “Neues aus Büttenwarder”) is still unforgettable in Hamburg. Shortly after the moving memorial service in the Michel, the desire was expressed to name a square or a street after him.

Hamburg: This promenade becomes the Jan-Fedder-Promenade

According to Marion Fedder’s proposal, the promenade between the Niederbaum Bridge and the Landungsbrücken at the Port of Hamburg will in future be called “Jan Fedder Promenade”. This was preceded by a conversation between Marion Fedder and Interior Senator Andy Grote (SPD), in which both of them considered the path previously known as the “Elbpromenade” for this honor.

Fedder mausoleum Fedder

Jan Fedder died on December 30, 2019. He was 64 years old.

“No other place in Hamburg is so representative of Jan’s life. This is where he grew up, his parents’ pub was here, he grew up on the edge of the harbor, he shot here, and it was his favorite place to the end,” says Marion Fedder. He would have been overjoyed to know that the path at the harbor would in future bear his name. Interior Senator Andy Grote also considers the suggestion to be ideal, “because the promenade leads directly past numerous places in his life and work.”

“Jan Fedder Promenade” planned in Hamburg

Hamburg’s Senator for Culture Carsten Brosda, as chairman of the Senate Commission responsible for naming streets, has also expressed his support for the proposal. “Let’s meet for a beer or a cappuccino on the Jan-Fedder-Promenade and look at the Elbe – that could be the new way of life in Hamburg,” says Brosda. He promises that the renaming could take place on the second anniversary of Fedder’s death – that would then be December 30, 2021.

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 The  CDU parliamentary group in Hamburg also supports the project: “Finally there is movement in the question of how the“ Großstadtrevier ”veteran Jan Fedder can be appropriately honored in Hamburg,” says district spokesman André Trepoll. Shortly after Jan Fedder’s death, the parliamentary group advocated the premature naming of an outstanding place in his home town.

This is how naming a place in Hamburg works


 The  Senate in Hamburg decides on the naming of streets, squares and other traffic areas. Proposals must be introduced to the district assembly and submitted as a written application to the State Archives, which will then formally examine them and then submit them to the Senate Commission for resolution. According to the Senate, nominations for the deceased should generally be made two years after death at the earliest. (mhö)

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Hamburg Elbe promenade Jan Fedder Promenade


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