Hamburg Towers beat Frankfurt: Johannes Richter is amazed at his team


“We want to establish ourselves in the league” – like a mantra, Towers players, coaches and bosses repeat this motto over and over again. After the 98:70 against Frankfurt – the ninth win in the 13th game – the Hamburg team should gradually make bigger sounds. Even the judge gives a positive verdict.

“I’ve got a bit of experience now, but I’ve never seen anything like that,” said Johannes Richter (29), newcomer and debutant at home. “I’ve never had a game in which my team got 15 steals.”

Hamburg Towers versus Frankfurt:  The  judge gives a very positive verdict

In fact, the Towers dismantled the Skyliners from Frankfurt mainly on the defensive: ©

 The y forced their opponents to 16 ball losses, steal the ball 15 times and – apart from the first few minutes of the game – always had an answer to Frankfurt’s throw selection at any time. In addition, the towers showed attractive offensive basketball: the ball was moved a lot, plays varied. And the threesome sat: 16 out of 30 attempts found their goal – 53 percent strong!

“Both offensive and defensive were at a high level,” summed up Towers trainer Pedro Calles. And yet he was critical as usual: “At times we had no answers to Frankfurt’s defense. That slowed our pace. Our performance over 40 minutes was solid. “

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Words that will probably not match the judgment of outsiders and fans. ©

 The  Towers did not give the Frankfurters a chance from the jump ball on, presented themselves as a complete team: With the exception of Richter and Marvin Ogunsipe, all players scored points, four even in double digits. Maik Kotsar (16 points), Terry Allen (19 points) and Kameron Taylor (20 points) were particularly convincing.

“Can anyone guarantee that we will stay with nine wins in the BBL?”, Calles asked at the press conference, asked about the maybe changed (playoff) goals. “No, mathematically that is not yet certain. So our goal remains: We want to establish ourselves and stay in the league. ”

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Hamburg Towers beat Frankfurt Johannes Richter amazed team


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