Handball World Cup 2021: Germany squad at a glance


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Which players will represent Germany at the Handball World Cup 2021? This is the roster of the DHB team at a glance.

Can Germany win a medal with the current squad
Handball World Cup
Win in 2021? This time, the DHB team is also marked by rejections. Here we give an overview of the team at the World Cup.

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German squad of the handball world championship 2021: Several cancellations in the DHB team

Coach Alfred Gislason had to deal with some cancellations in the squad for the 2021 Handball World Cup. Finn Lemke, Steffen Weinhold and Hendrik Pekeler canceled their participation in the World Cup for family reasons. Patrick Wiencek and Fabian Wiede had also recently canceled their participation.  The  players Franz Semper and Tim Suton are out because of torn cruciate ligaments.

“Every loss is also an opportunity. We plan with other players and invest everything in order to get to the World Cup
to achieve the best possible result, “Gislason is quoted on the website of the German Handball Federation.

Handball World Cup 2021 in Egypt: © www.de24.news The  Germany squad at a glance

Gislason announced the first squad on Monday, December 21: Captain Uwe Gensheimer (RN Löwen) and goalkeeper Andreas Wolff (Kielce) are at the head of the 20-player squad. © www.de24.news

 The  youngest player in the squad is Mittelmann Juri Knorr at the age of 20. Knorr had suffered from a corona infection with severe symptoms until recently. Goalkeeper Johannes Bitter (Stuttgart) is 38 years old and is the oldest player in the squad. Sebastian Firnhaber and Antonio Metzner are on the line-up for the first time. “We have a lot of new players with us, but I think the squad is of good quality,” said Gislason. Two players have now moved up: Lukas Stutzke and Moritz Preuss SC.


  • Johannes Bitter (TVB Stuttgart)
  • Silvio Heinevetter (MT Melsungen)
  • Andreas Wolff (PGE LIVES Kielce, Poland)

Right winger:

  • Tobias Reichmann (MT Melsungen)
  • Timo Kastening (MT Melsungen)

Left winger:

  • Uwe Gensheimer (Rhine-Neckar lion)
  • Marcel Schiller (FRESH ON! Goeppingen)

Back right:

  • Kai Häfner (MT Melsungen)
  • David Schmidt (Bergischer Handball Club 06)
  • Antonio Metzner (HC Erlangen)

Back left:

  • Julius Kühn (MT Melsungen)
  • Paul Drux (Foxes Berlin)
  • Fabian Boehm (TSV Hannover-Burgdorf)
  • Lukas Stutzke (Bergischer HC)

Back center:

  • Philipp Weber (SC DHfK Leipzig)
  • Juri Knorr (TSV GWD Minden)
  • Marian Michalczik (Foxes Berlin)


  • Johannes Golla (SG Flensburg-Handewitt)
  • Moritz Preuss (SC Magdeburg)
  • Sebastian Firnhaber (HC Erlangen)

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Handball World Cup Germany squad glance


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