Hansi Flick in the press conference before game against sc Freiburg


Four days after the cup embarrassment at Holstein Kiel, FC Bayern has a chance to make amends on Sunday in the Bundesliga.

In the home game against SC Freiburg, the championship lead should be defended and finally a step forward on the defensive. (Bundesliga table)

Will leaving the DFB Cup also result in personnel changes? And how does Flick intend to solve the big problems in defense?

Before starting the next task, Flick presents some opportunities for improvement.

 The  press conference for reading.

+++ Flick about processing the bankruptcies +++

I trust that we will analyze very clearly and address the errors. © www.de24.news The re will be a conversation with one or the other player or a group will be addressed.

+++ Has FC Bayern become quieter, Mr. Flick? +++

It has always been good for us that the team was often loud. At the moment you get the impression that there is not so much talk. That’s why you hear my statements more and more. It used to be more likely that Thomas Müller was heard. We have to come back to being louder again.

+++ Flick about Roca’s mood +++

He has a lot of competition in this team. He missed, but it’s part of football to deal with something like that. We gave up the game as a team. Marc Roca will surely come out strengthened from the whole.

+++ Flick to the Club World Cup +++

I think we all look to the future with great concern. Sometimes I am speechless when I see some pictures. I don’t know whether the Club World Cup is currently suitable.

+++ Flick over Süles Formtief +++

I’m not pulling out individual people. And I won’t criticize her in public anyway. I fully support the team because they have a total focus in training.

+++ Flick about defense behavior +++

Pressure on the ball is important, but we have to seal the center at the same time. © www.de24.news The  back four must be in an active position and ready. We have to do these things better. We had a long meeting today and we covered everything. That should now be clear to everyone.

+++ Flick on criticism of Bayern bosses +++

That is their right to criticize the team. That’s legitimate.

+++ What has to be changed, Mr. Flick? +++

You can also stand lower and still make the mistakes. It has nothing to do with altitude. Is the opponent without pressure and are we recording the paths of the opponents? It is crucial. It is of secondary importance where we stand with the defense. We have to get more pressure on the ball. We have already adjusted a few things. Our gaze is currently mostly focused on the ball. But we have to be careful far from the ball.

+++ Flick about Freiburg +++

It’s going to be very intense, they are known for that. © www.de24.news The y are the strongest team and score a lot of goals. So it depends on how we play defensively.

+++ Flick over the defensive +++

© www.de24.news The  whole team is responsible for the defense. © www.de24.news The se are little things that give opponents a chance.

+++ That’s what Flick says about the crisis +++

We have to digest the disappointment in the cup and it’s good if you start quickly. I expected a break-in much earlier. But thanks to an outstanding mentality, we are leaders in the table. Now it just stutters and we had to experience that painfully in Kiel. But we again expect the team to want to prevent any situation for the devil.

+++ Flick about the staff +++

Leon Goretzka, Eric Maxim-Choupo-Moting and Kingsley Coman are all fit again. © www.de24.news The re is no new failure.

+++ It’s about to start +++

In a few moments, Hansi Flick will step onto the podium and answer journalists’ questions.

+++ Freiburg is a series winner +++

SC Freiburg is the strongest team in the Bundesliga. © www.de24.news The  team of coach Christian Streich recently won five league games in a row and thus climbed to eighth place.

+++ bankruptcies cause discussions +++

FC Bayern lost the last two competitive games. Against Mönchengladbach there was a 2: 3 after a 2: 0 lead and against Kiel the 6: 7 followed on penalties. Above all, the long-standing shaky defense has been the focus of the record champions for weeks.

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Hansi Flick press conference game Freiburg


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