He fell victim to a crime!


Pietro Lombardi, 28, did not have it easy in 2019. The lack of revenue due to the corona pandemic and the Separation from his girlfriend Laura Maria, 24, gave the singer a hard time. But now he reveals to his fans that it hit him even harder: Half a million euros were stolen from him!

Shocking confession video

Pietro Lombardi has become one of the mostly established German singers developed. This year he celebrated with his single “ Cinderellagreat success. To review the year again, Pietro made an Instagram video on Silverster Day, primarily to his fans to thank for their constant loyalty:

But besides all gratitude Lombardi revealed that his year next to the ongoing corona pandemic or the recent separation of his then girlfriend Laura Maria not only had good things in store for him:

I don’t talk much about problems. Now the year is over and I can honestly tell you: This year was really not a good year for me.

Half a million euros gone!

The singer told his followers in the Instagram video that he was born early last year Was a victim of credit card fraud. How great the extent of the deception was even today for the singer incomprehensible and painful:

We’re not talking about 1,000 or 5,000 euros here, but mine half a million euros Stolen. Money i earned hard.

For Pietro this was an experience a severe shock and to this day he could not and would not talk about it. Now he reveals that the incident was him made incredibly sad and him “dropped into a hole”.

More about Pietro Lombardi:

No hope anymore

Pietro Lombardi the fraud still hits hard. Even if the singer is very successful with his music today and Sold millions of records, he is still down to earth and appreciates every intake:

You have to understand, I am coming not from rich family backgrounds. I value every penny I make.

Abruptly, the top priority for the singer was that he, his family and “close ones” were doing well. The financial fraud understandably has it “very drawn down”. The singer does not believe that he will see his money again at some point, but he still wants to start the new year on a positive note:

I have mine over the years built a lot, so that despite the financial damage I can still live and be fine. But that really pulled me down a lot. Half a million euros is a lot of money And I don’t think I’ll ever get that money back.

Cheer up Pietro!

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