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In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, some places are now relying on financial incentives for self-isolation.

With a population of 66 million, Great Britain currently has over 40,000 new infections per day. This is also due to the new mutation that originated here. For this reason, financial incentives are now being used to contain it further.

According to government plans, anyone who tested positive for Corona should receive 500 pounds (around 560 euros). This special payment is intended, on the one hand, to ensure that infected people do not go to work sick and infect others, and on the other hand, it represents an incentive for consistent self-isolation.

Only 25 percent of the positives are in quarantine

This step is necessary because in Great Britain only one in four who tested positive adheres to the quarantine.

 The  Guardian refers to government documents, according to which only 17 percent of people with symptoms even get tested.

Another 15 percent just go back to work despite having symptoms. ©

 The  main reason is the fear of being fired. ©

 The  cost of this special payment would amount to over 500 million euros per week.

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