Houston-3: Webb (KTM) wins, Roczen is World Championship Leader / Supercross World Championship

Houston-3: Webb (KTM) wins, Roczen is World Championship Leader / Supercross World Championship

Ken Roczen (Honda) led the Houston-3 final until the last lap, was stopped by a lap and intercepted by Cooper Webb (KTM) shortly before the finish. Roczen is the new world championship leader with rank 2.

3. Run to Supercross-WM of Houston-3: Ken Roczen (Honda), who lost the championship lead this week after a controversial decision at the green table, only wanted and could only give the answer on the track.  The  German won the preliminary run Justin Weather in Barcia, which made a strong impression again despite the fall.

After the start of the finals, she brought herself Roczen on P2 Behind Cooper Webb in a good starting position. Already after 2 Minhe was able to take over the lead after a few racing distance and led the race to the last lap.

Webb tried again and again in the further course of the race to close the gap Roczen to close, but he did not come within striking distance. When the Thuringian lapped on the Dean Wilson ran upthe drama happened. Wilson did not leave the ideal line – at the slowest point on the route, just before the ‘wall jump’.

Roczen recalls: “I yelled behind him, but Wilson has made no move to clear the way. ” Roczen came off the footrests for a short time, Webb did not allow himself to be asked twice, in the next Right turn within stab into it and take the lead. Roczen attacked again until the end, but it wasn’t enough to overtake. “I’ve learned to deal with such annoyances by now,” the annoyed explained Roczen on the podium. “It is like it is. We can only look ahead now. “

So became Roczen again to the tragic figure of Houston. After all, rank 2 was enough to take over the ‘redplates’ of WM-Leaders. Roczen now leads the World Cup with one point ahead Cooper Webb an.

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 The  previous WM-Leader, Justin Weather in Barcia (GASGAS), did not have a good start to the final. But he fought his way forward quickly before falling to the ground in the sand section. Still sat down Weather in Barcia up in the end P4 against Eli Tomato (Kawasaki) through. Without his crash it would be for Weather in Barcia Rank 3 was possible.

Marvin Musquin (KTM) he lived in Houston several disasters. He fell in advance and was hit by several pilots on the ground. At the beginning of the finale he crashed again and then operated P13 only damage limitation.

All the details from the final of the Supercross-WM of Houston-3 you will find out below Renn Transcript:

Cooper Webb wins the ‘holeshot’ in front Ken Roczen and Adam Weather in Cianciarulo. Eli Tomato ranks on P8. Musquin goes on ‘wall jump’ to the ground.

18 more Min:
Change of leadership! Roczen goes on inside Webb past in the lead. Weather in Barcia ranks on P6, Tomato on P8.

15 more Min:

Tomato goes to Anderson over on P7.

14 more Min:
Davalos goes down in the sand. Roczen leads by 1.8 seconds Webb and Weather in Cianciarulo. Weather in Barcia is on the move with the fastest lap times and on P4 drove up.

13 more Min:
Tomato goes to Stewart over on P5.

12 more Min:
Weather in Barcia hat Weather in Cianciarulo on P3 within striking distance.

9 more Min:
Weather in Barcia goes down in the sand and falls off P4 on P6 back. Ferrandis ranks on P10.

8 more Min:
Weather in Barcia goes to Tomato over on P4.

6 more Min:
Roczen can easily settle at the top and leads by 3.2 seconds Webb.

3 more Min:
Roczen lapped Musquin on P13.

1 more Min:
Webb can fill the gap too Leader Roczen close again.

Last round:
Roczen becomes when lapping Dean Wilson (P11) who is driving on the ideal line. He comes on ‘wall jump’ off the footrests and stumbles. Webb recognizes his opportunity and goes into the following Right turn inside on Roczen past in the lead. Webb wins ahead Roczen and Weather in Cianciarulo.

Result SX-WM, Houston-3:

1. Cooper Webb (USA), KTM
2. Ken Roczen (D), Honda
3. Adam Weather in Cianciarulo (USA), Kawasaki
4. Justin Weather in Barcia (USA), GASGAS
5. Eli Tomato (USA), Kawasaki
6. Malcolm Stewart (USA), Yamaha
7. Aaron Plessinger (USA), Yamaha
8. Jason Anderson (USA), Husqvarna
9. Zach Osborne (USA), Husqvarna
10. Justin Brayton (USA), Honda
11. Dean Wilson (GB), Husqvarna
12. Dylan Ferrandis (F), Yamaha
13. Marvin Musquin (F), KTM
14. Joey Savatgy (USA), KTM
15. Benny Just (USA), Honda
16. Martin Davalos (USA), KTM
17. Broc Tickle (USA), Honda
18. Kyle Chisholm (USA), Yamaha
19. Vince Friese (USA), Honda
20. Justin Bogle (USA), KTM

DNS: Chase Sexton (USA), Honda

World Championship stand after 3 of 17 races:

1. Ken Roczen (D), Honda, 60
2. Cooper Webb (USA), KTM, 59, (-1)
3. Justin Weather in Barcia (USA), GASGAS, 59, (-1)
4. Eli Tomato (USA), Kawasaki, 54, (-6)
5. Dylan Ferrandis (F), Yamaha, 51, (-9)
6. Adam Weather in Cianciarulo (USA), Kawasaki, 51, (-9)
7. Justin Brayton (USA), Honda, 51, (-9)
8. Malcolm Stewart (USA), Yamaha, 51, (-9)
9. Marvin Musquin (F), KTM, 49, (-11)
10. Zach Osborne (USA), Husqvarna, 40, (-20)

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Houston3 Webb KTM wins Roczen World Championship Leader Supercross World Championship


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