How Trump is demonstrating his power over the Republicans


If the new congress is supposed to confirm Joe Biden’s election victory on Wednesday, there will be political theater.
The -outgoing president wants to make it clear who is in charge.

I This week, the Capitol will see the grand finale of the Trump era.
The -performance has been planned for weeks. And now the outgoing president finally has his line-up. Donald Trump left his vacation home in Florida early after the holidays to work on the script a little. Now he’s making fun of showing Republicans who’s directing the party.

The -Senate leadership had defied his will three times in the past few weeks. First, Mitch McConnell, the Republican majority leader, congratulated Joe Biden on his election victory after the electorate in the states cast their votes in mid-December. Then the Senator from Kentucky made sure that the corona aid for the citizens was not increased to $ 2,000, as requested by the President after some back and forth. Finally, he organized a two-thirds majority in the second chamber to override Trump’s veto on the Defense Budget Act. A first in Trump’s tenure. Whose vengeance should be sweet.

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