I beg your pardon? Wendler founds his own intelligence service


Michael Wendler (48) reacts so curiously to the numerous negative headlines about him! In the past few days, the pop singer has gotten a lot of his fat in the media – the reason: his tasteless remarks about the current health crisis and how to deal with it. So far, he has described the reporting on him, which accused him of anti-Semitism, as simply “wrong” and “unfair”. Now Wendler is going one step further and simply wants to spread his own news in the future …

In its Instagram-Story he published these questionable lines with the title “Michael Wendler creates his own news service”, in which he speaks of himself in the third person: “Because of the many false and unbalanced reports in the media will Michael Wendler present his new news channel in a few days. “ The announcement also states: “We stand for freedom of expression, basic democratic values, truth and condemn all forms of anti-Semitism, racism and discrimination.”

The time for the ominous announcement should not have been chosen by chance. So Wendler posted the lines at the same time as the start of today’s DSDS episode – this is the first show from which he has been completely cut out. In this way, the broadcaster RTL would like to distance itself completely from its latest statements.

Michael Wendler, pop singer
Michael Wendler in the DSDS jury

Thomas Burg/ Action Press

Michael Wendler

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beg pardon Wendler founds intelligence service


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