“I was never the type to study, but now I know that I can do a lot”


If André Collet had been told ten years ago that he would be writing his bachelor thesis in 2021, he would probably have laughed out loud. In 2010, after completing his training as a systems IT specialist, André has already been working in the less well-paid IT field service for a few years. After graduating from secondary school with a narrow three-point average, his only perspective – he believes – is later to get a slightly better-paid office job in IT. He fulfills this professional goal with his job change to the health insurance company and lets him believe that he can do more than he may have thought possible up to now.

“I worked my way up,” says André, looking back, not without pride. “I started in 1st level support in 2011 and was the first point of contact for employees who had problems with IT at the workplace.”  The  hobby programmer, who moves up to 2nd level support after a short time, is able to help people quickly and takes on more complex programming tasks in the field of databases. André notices for the second time that Success motivates you to go further. “It just clicked,” says the 30-year-old. And so he does research on the Internet to find out which perspectives are still open to him and how he can achieve them. He comes across various further training opportunities, including the FOM, the university for professionals.

“I am the first academic in my family”

© www.de24.news The  bachelor’s degree in “Business Informatics” (B.Sc.), which is studied at the FOM alongside the job, is what interests André most in his research. “I actually was never the type to study, working towards a goal in a disciplined manner and learning was never my thing, ”he smiles. In addition, André was not familiar with this educational path from home, his father trained to become a state-certified technician in evening school. “I come from a working-class family, there was never any talk of academic training.” © www.de24.news

 The  fact that he only had a secondary school diploma seems to be a hindrance to him. Nevertheless, he writes to the FOM student advisory service and, after individual advice and checking his documents, receives the notification of admission. “Studying without a high school diploma or university entrance qualification possible at the FOMif you have worked in your profession for at least three years. In the end, all my professional positions have paid off, ”says the IT specialist,“ and I have literally gained access to academic education ”.

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“It can’t be better for me at the moment, professionally and privately”

Today André is in his 7th semester, is currently even rated with a single average and is writing his bachelor thesis – subject: the Use of Chatbots as artificial intelligence in the field of statutory health insurance. He has left his job in 2nd level support behind – he now works in data management at a health insurance company, is responsible for process automation and is the contact person for managers and the board of directors. “© www.de24.news

 The  learning content from my studies and my everyday work complement each other very well, so that the © www.de24.news

 The ory-practice transfer is optimal. ”And André wants more. It is already clear that after completing his bachelor’s degree in “business informatics” he will follow up with a master’s “IT management” at FOM, and in the long term he is even interested in a doctorate. “I am eager to learn and I really enjoy learning. My studies gave me a real kick. However, I am also happy when I have more time for my family again after my bachelor thesis. ”He wishes that his little daughter Ella, who was born in April last year, would Idol and studying may one day become a family tradition. “It can’t be any better for me, both professionally and privately,” says the proud family man.

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 The  future is coming. For sure. Here you can find out how Marco also pursued a career on a second educational path without a high school diploma and is now living his professional dream in Switzerland.

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