“I’m in the store for 12 hours, you can’t stand it”: What sellers say about the new mask requirement in Berlin – Berlin


After seven hours of work it is a nice feeling to take off the mask, says Furkan Cay. Especially when you wear glasses, “the glasses keep fogging up.”

And while he says that, a milky shadow falls before his eyes. He laughs, lifts his glasses and sees clearly again. “You get used to it,” he says.

By Sunday at the latest, all other employees in the Berlin retail trade will have to get used to wearing masks at work. Because from then on it is compulsory for them to wear a medical mask.

For many Berliners, this has been an issue for a long time. One wondered why customers have to wear mouth and nose protection on the inside, but not the salespeople on the inside. In a special session on Wednesday, the Senate decided that customers and salespeople must wear medical masks while in the store.

This also affects employees in craft, service and other commercial operations with public traffic. So far, either no masks at all have been required in these areas or simply cloth mouth and nose covers have been sufficient.

Furkan Cay thinks the new regulation makes sense. He works for a locksmith on Kottbusser Damm.Photo: André Dér-Hörmeyer

Furkan Cay thinks the new regulation makes sense. He works for a locksmith on Kottbusser Damm. Keys in all shapes and colors hang on the walls, there is not much space in the shop. As a seller, he also bears responsibility. After all, he constantly touches the sales area. “If a customer supports himself there later, he shouldn’t become infected.”

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Since his customers are required to wear a mask, he has also been wearing one.

 The  fact that it now has to be a medical mask does not matter to him. He’s already wearing them anyway. Cay does not know whether other sellers will also adhere to the new mask requirement. Despite all the measures, there are still customers who enter the store without a mask, he says. He then kindly points it out. “But that’s only about five percent.”

“Soli masks” for customers who otherwise cannot afford any

Ignorance or recklessness are not always the reason why people do not wear a mask in shops. Especially now, with the requirement for medical masks, some people simply could not afford them, says Emilia von Senger from the feminist bookstore “She Said” a few steps further. She is therefore planning to get “soli masks”. Customers can then pick them up at the entrance free of charge. Despite the corona crisis, the newly opened store seems to be doing well.

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 The re is almost always a line in front of the door. Despite – and because of Corona. A maximum of five people are allowed to stroll through the bookstore at the same time, which only stocks female and queer authors. Von Senger welcomes the mask requirement for sellers. After all, she and her colleagues would meet many different people every day. “That’s why we’ve been wearing FFP2 masks for a long time,” she says.

Fatma Tekin from the Bonjour bakery on Hermannplatz, on the other hand, does not wear a mask. “I’m in the store for 12 hours,” she says, “you can’t take it.” In the bakery, they would already adhere to all hygiene measures, wash their hands often, disinfect everything. From Tekin’s point of view, that’s enough. Not from the Senate’s point of view.

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Now she too has to wear a mask at work. “I don’t think that’s important, but I’ll stick to it,” she says, “of course.” © www.de24.news

 The re aren’t many customers in the bakery at the moment anyway. That’s why she sits in the break room behind the sales area most of the time.

Aydin Cayir’s Späti across the street looks similarly empty. Caydir stands behind the screen at the cash register, smiling. Without mask. Wearing a mask for eight hours at a time will be very difficult, he says. “I see that in my children. If the eight hours with a mask were in school, they feel bad. You breathe completely differently. ” But he will still adhere to the new regulation.

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