In Brandenburg, wolves should soon be easier to shoot – BZ Berlin


© The  coalition factions of the SPD, CDU and the Greens in the state parliament want to facilitate the shooting of wolves in Brandenburg.

“We want to shoot because we have the highest wolf population in Brandenburg, which is increasingly leading to damaging events,” said CDU parliamentary group leader Jan Redmann on Tuesday when presenting the coalition proposal to amend the Brandenburg Wolf Ordinance for the next state parliament session.

© The  kills are also necessary to keep the wolves away from the people. “You must keep your shyness of human settlements and stables, said the parliamentary group leader. “Wolves notice when they have nothing to fear and are getting bolder and bolder.”

Shooting wolves has hardly been possible so far


 The  requirements for the shooting of wolves are so tightly regulated in the current Brandenburg Wolf Management that practically no shooting can take place.

“Up until now, the wolf responsible for cracks in farm animals had to be specifically identified before being shot, which is usually hardly possible,” explained Redmann. “In the future, animals should be able to be shot out of the pack that is responsible for damaging events.”

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Brandenburg wolves easier shoot Berlin


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