“In terms of media, no amateur club in Germany can hold a candle to us”


Take a deep breath at Schalke 04, but the mood on Saturday evening at Tasmania Berlin was almost exuberant: Because S04 finally ended its horror series after 30 Bundesliga games in a row after 30 Bundesliga games in a row without a win, because S04 finally ended its series of horrors with a 4-0 win against TSG Hoffenheim, today’s top division club from the Berlin district remains Neukölln is by far the only “number one” with 31 attempts without a Bundesliga victory (1965/66 season).

Schalke 04 ends Bundesliga horror series

Schalke 04 ends Bundesliga horror series

“Ralf Fährmann saved us, that didn’t look good in the first half,” said Tasmania President Almir Numic to SID: “After Schalke 2-0, the first congratulations came after the 4-0 win no more stopping, my cell phone vibrated continuously. ”

This is the end of a “crazy time” for Tasmania and also for Numic, at least for the time being. “I recently gave an interview to the New York Times. And a camera team from the sports show was in the club house. We followed the game with three other fans, it was very emotional,” said Numic.

The hype of the past few weeks had a positive impact on the club, regardless of the corona crisis: “Our Facebook page has completely exploded, the online fan shop barely kept up.” Interested companies that had hesitated to become a sponsor in the past have now increasingly approached him. “In terms of media, no amateur club in Germany can hold a candle to us,” said Numic with satisfaction.

The club boss also doesn’t believe that his Tasmania will remain silent for long: “As soon as a team has not won 20 or 21 games, the topic always comes up. I’m sure: there will soon be something in this direction again.” It doesn’t always have to be as tight as this time for the Tasmania record.


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