In the end, only the President cheered

In the end, only the President cheered

LINZ. Even if the bottom of the ICE Hockey League, Steinbach Black Wings 1992, conceded their fifth defeat en suite with the 2: 3 against the Vienna Capitals, the President Peter Freunschlag, heavily criticized in fan circles, was happy like a snow king. That is understandable.

In the catacombs of the Linz AG ice arena, the real estate entrepreneur hugged his son Stefan Freunschlag, who had just played what was probably his best match for the club. The 24-year-old managed a dream goal to make it 2: 3 (56th) in the attempted chase after 0: 3 deficit, the striker sank an exemplary diagonal pass from Sebastien Piche with direct acceptance from full speed.

“Only victory counts”

“It’s nice that I scored, but in the end all that counts is victory. That’s why it’s bitter. We are now closer than before. We haven’t fully played 60 minutes, that’s the problem, ”said Stefan Freunschlag. Judging by the thin staffing level (new addition Zusevics was not yet in action, Kristler, Gaffal, Dorion, Leiler and Pusnik were injured), the performance against the Viennese, who were victorious for the fifth time in a row, was okay. The progress under neo-coach Dan Ceman is obvious, Linz has become more stable and snappy.

So you shouldn’t write off the Black Wings completely with a view to the play-offs. “If we improve further, we won’t be last in the qualifying round (the bottom six, note),” believes Stefan Freunschlag. In this second phase of the championship, bonus points (8-6-4-2-1-0) are awarded for three quarter-final tickets in February. If the two actors who will soon be hired by the Upper Austrians do not turn out to be mistakes, it is not impossible to orientate themselves a bit upwards.

The sense of achievement is missing

Against the Capitals, the third series of storms born of necessity with Freunschlag, Niklas Bretschneider and Center Marco Brucker not only got a lot of ice age, it also did not disappoint Ceman’s trust and provided the greatest impetus. We can build on this, although the table is still bleak.

The Black Wings have lost 23 of their 29 season matches and are eleven points behind the penultimate Villacher SV, the prospect of a bonus counter for the qualifying round, in which ten games are all or nothing, is minimal. The next hurdle will also be a high one. Tomorrow (7.15 p.m., live ticker on Record champion KAC comes to Linz.

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President cheered


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