In the new podcast “Archewell”: Is Harry now also shedding his British accent?


On Tuesday evening, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan made their podcast debut – with a holiday special. The first episode of “ Archewell Audio” included presenter James Corden (42), actor and producer Tyler Perry (51), music legend Elton John (73), politician Stacey Abrams (47) and tennis player Naomi Osaka ( 23). Meghan and Harry look back with their guests on 2020 and exchange ideas with them about wishes and hopes for the coming year.

The British noticed the new accent of their prince at the podcast premiere. The TV communication expert Judi James, for example, screened him for the tabloid “Daily Mail”. Her conclusion: Harry’s accent, as heard on the podcast, is “quite a middle ground of everything: Central Atlantic, Central London and Central Estuary”. Behind “estuary” is an accent that, according to the “ Daily Mail”, is spoken in the south-east of England.

When he announced the podcast with the sentence “Our twenty-twenty holiday special” (in German “Our 2020 festive special”), he skipped the second t, as is more common in America. According to the expert, Harry pronounces many words more indistinctly than he normally does. “ In order to adapt to his super-professional wife, Harry changed both his pace and his tone of voice,” Judi James explains to the Daily Mail. Harry spoke faster and less hesitantly than usual. More like Meghan.

You can check Harry’s accent here:

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