In these regions, 15 centimeters of fresh snow falls


A storm sweeps over Germany. Strong gusts blow in some areas – and a lot of fresh snow falls. t-online shows the trend in your region with weather animations.

New week, new weather prospects – this time with strong gusts in the luggage: Because Low Dimitrios brings a lot of precipitation and stormy gusts to Germany on the way to Scandinavia. They also ensure a large portion of fresh snow. A new weather front also ensures calmer weather conditions during the week – and in some areas even the sun is shining.

Where you have to watch out for your hat, however, because gusts of wind of up to 100 kilometers per hour sweep across the country, in which areas fresh snow falls and how the weather will be in your area, you can see in our descriptive weather animation in the video above. You can find the post too here.

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regions centimeters fresh snow falls


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