Inauguration and QAnon – Maybe Joe Biden isn’t president at all


 The  conspiracy theorists of the political sect QAnon believed that on January 20th martial law would come into effect. Instead, the new US president was sworn in. What do the believers say now?

They believe in pedophile elites and the


 The y believe in pedophile elites and the “deep state”: the followers of the ominous internet prophet Q.

Photo: AFP

For years they believed that the big storm was coming. For years they have been on social media «Trust the planCalled out, trust the plan: Donald Trump and his patriotic comrades-in-arms would talk to democratic politicians, members of the liberal elite, pedophile billionaires, functionaries of those operating in the dark «deep state» let the apocalypse break in: martial law, arrests, executions.

And everyone would see that mysterious Figure, who calls itself Q, with its internetaresignations was right. «©

 The  great Awakening» nbefore this longed-for moment the millions of supporters of the conspiracy theorist sect QAnon worldwide – loudly «Spiegel» «the most dangerous cult of our time».

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Inauguration QAnon Joe Biden isnt president


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