Incidence value 90 and three new deaths: The current Corona numbers in the Neumarkt – Neumarkt district, Neumarkt


Three older men with Covid-19 died – ten new infections –
7 hours ago

In the Neumarkt district, ten more cases of new infections with the coronavirus were confirmed on Wednesday, 27 people were reported as recovered.

 The re were also three deaths from Covid-19: three men died aged 75, 77 and 90 years.
208 people infected with the coronavirus are currently confirmed.
According to the district office on Wednesday, 18 of these people are in inpatient, non-intensive care treatment in the clinic, three people are in the intensive care unit.

 The  Robert Koch Institute reported a seven-day incidence of 121.9 on Sunday. ©

 The  Monday value was significantly lower at 101.8, the Tuesday at 100.3. On Wednesday it fell to just 90.7, the lowest level in weeks. ©

 The  RKI value is decisive for whether the district of Neumarkt is classified as a Corona “hotspot” or not.
A few days can elapse between the notification by the doctors and laboratories to the health department and the transmission of the cases to the responsible state authorities and the RKI (notification and transmission delay). Every day, the RKI receives new cases that were reported to the health department on the same day or on earlier days. ©

 The refore the values ​​differ.

Wearing an FFP2 mask: © The se eight mistakes should be avoided

From Monday, an FFP2 mask is required when shopping and on public transport in Bavaria. However, for a good protective effect it is also important that the mask is worn correctly. Our picture gallery shows the most common mistakes – and how to do it correctly.

According to the DIVI intensive care register, 20 of the 22 intensive care beds at the Neumarkt Clinic were occupied on Wednesday. ©

 The  three Covid 19 patients in the intensive care unit are currently being ventilated invasively. ©

 The  proportion of Covid 19 patients in the total number of intensive care beds is currently 13.46 percent and thus far below the Bavarian average (21.9).

 The  total number of coronavirus infections registered so far in the Neumarkt district was 3846 according to the health department on Wednesday. ©

 The  total number of cases also includes 96 deceased and 3542 recovered people. People who have been released from quarantine are referred to as “recovered”.
Attention: ©

 The  State Office for Health and Food Safety (LGL) gives another incidence value. ©

 The  values ​​differ from those of the health department and the RKI because they are based on different reporting times.


 The  current incidence values ​​in the region and throughout Bavaria can be found here.

Nuremberg, December 9th, 2020 Department: Local Photo: Roland Fengler Road Ambulance Franz von Assisi, Straßburger Straße, Current situation in the Nuremberg Road Ambulance – for everyone’s pleasure, behind the road ambulance is a newly purchased construction vehicle specially for Corona rapid test. Here a Sebastian Balling (nurse) tests Corona with an antigen test

© Roland Fengler, NNZ


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