Instagram is testing new design for stories on the PC


Instagram has started to test a new view for the stories on the PC. If you call up those currently in the browser on a desktop PC or notebook, then the whole thing looks rather ugly: In the middle of the picture you will find the called story individually as a tile. There could be a more elegant solution. That was probably also what the social network thought, so that a new look is being tested with some users.

The new design is no longer limited to a single tile in the center of the image, instead several stories are offered to choose from in a carousel. You can then switch through the stories and have a better overview because you can see on the left and right which stories you have just gone through or which are following.

The screenshot above shows the new view, which I definitely rate as progress. Unfortunately, it is currently unclear how many users Instagram has already activated the view for. I still get the old look in the browser. It is also unclear whether Instagram will then really release the new view for all users or maybe discard it again.

A spokesman for Instagram confirmed to Engadget that they had already started to test the new Stories view with a “small group” of users in December 2020. However, no further details were given.

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Instagram testing design stories


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