Intentional leak: LG suggests a smartphone with a roll-out display


Christoph Lumetzberger
January 13, 2021

                <p>As part of an online press conference in the course of the 2021 technology fair CES, which will take place exclusively digitally, LG suggested a smartphone with a display that can be rolled out or rolled up.<span id="more-170351"/> The phone is best recognizable at the end of the video below (from 1:03).  In it, a man is watching the press conference - supposedly - on a tablet, but after the event the display is reduced to the size of a smartphone.  The name "LG Rollable" is also displayed.

Whether this is the name of the device or the planned series, LG left open, as well as further details. However, it can be assumed that this is LG’s answer to the folding phones from Samsung, Motorola or Huawei. It will be interesting to see when such a device will be available on the market, what it will cost and how mature the technology will be at the start. A look back at the start of foldable smartphones at least gives rise to slight skepticism. Back then, Samsung and Huawei were struggling primarily with the durability of the fragile components.

Source: LG



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Intentional leak suggests smartphone rollout display


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