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A gang in Berlin is said to have stolen half a million euros from Internet giant Google with unpaid Internet advertisements. As the public prosecutor and police announced on Friday, a 40-year-old suspect is now in custody.

On Thursday, 28 police forces carried out four search warrants and the arrest warrant.  The  allegation is on commercial gang fraud and forgery of documents. Various evidence as well as money and valuables had been secured, the message said.

According to the public prosecutor’s office, the alleged “bulky waste mafia” is said to have “given up on an Internet search engine with the intention of not paying for these advertisements to the Internet service provider” between the summer of 2017 and 2018. According to Tagesspiegel information, the damaged company was Google.


 The  suspects are said to have used extensive campaigns to advertise an illegal bulky waste disposal company. ©

 The  advertisements are said to have looked as if they could come from the Berlin city cleaning service (BSR), the public prosecutor’s office, Martin Steltner, told Tagesspiegel.

Straw people have set up “fake” accounts to pay for the ads by direct debit. After a while, however, they would have revoked their consent and booked the money back – in order to finally transfer it to the gang, partly by withdrawing cash.

Google had no interest in law enforcement


 The  bulky waste company got free advertising worth around 500,000 euros, said the public prosecutor’s office. This was only revealed when various banks reported suspicions of money laundering in May – which could not be confirmed later. ©

 The  investigation was “exclusively” based on reports from the banks, according to the statement on Friday. When asked, Steltner became clearer: ©

 The  search engine provider apparently had no interest in prosecution and was “zero cooperative”.

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 The  investigations are directed against a total of several main suspects of different nationalities and some with considerable previous convictions, as well as against five alleged straw men. A 44-year-old alleged accomplice has since been spared pre-trial detention. ©

 The  evaluation of the evidence is still ongoing, it said.


 The  scam with bulky waste ads is also unusual for the investigators. So far, there have been more cases of fraud in which people were harmed who wanted to dispose of bulky waste, explained Steltner. Criminals had issued the clients with significantly inflated bills, and the victims often responded to them in their emergency. ©

 The re is no evidence of this in the current case: “We don’t know what happened to the bulky waste.”

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