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It is a great honor for TVNOW presenter Lola Weippert


January 16, 2021 – 11:39 pm Clock

When she agreed to “Let’s Dance”, she had tears in her eyes

At Lola Weippert, one big adventure follows the next: in 2020, the 24-year-old ended her radio career after seven years in order to make her big dream come true: to work as a TV presenter.  The  lively chatterbox is the new face of TVNOW – here, for example, it hosts the new season of “Temptation Island”. But that’s not all with big projects: In 2021, Lola will also take part in “Let’s Dance” and prove here whether she can do it not only on the microphone, but also on the dance floor. Your anticipation is already huge: “When I was given the approval, I was speechless and had tears in my eyes.” In the video she introduces herself again.

All facts about “Let’s Dance” candidate Lola Weippert at a glance

Lola Weippert Press photo1 Credit private

Lola Weippert Press photo1 Credit private

© private

  • Profession: Moderator, influencer & model
  • Date of birth: March 30, 1996 (24)
  • Place of residence: Berlin
  • Height: 1.64m

She is the new face of TVNOW

Eleonore Lola Naomi Weippert was born in 1996 in Rottweil near Stuttgart. After her internship at the bigFM radio station, she hosted the morning show there for four years. After seven years of radio, she quit her job in July 2020 to focus on new tasks.

On November 25th, the 24-year-old was finally able to announce that she is the new face of TVNOW. Shortly afterwards she presented “Prince Charming – ©

 The  Great Reunion”. In the coming months she will moderate “Tempation Island”, among other things. She made her television debut in the second season of “Love Island – Aftersun: ©

 The  Talk”.

Lola Weippert’s personal love story

Lola is not only a presenter, but also an influencer and has been a model since she was 12. She has built a loyal community of over 320,000 followers on her Instagram channel. She is not afraid to express her opinion and is committed to more naturalness and reality in social media. In order to use her mouthpiece as effectively as possible, the 24-year-old works with the organizations “Viva con Aqua”, “share” and “Weißer Ring”.

Her hobbies are weight training, jogging, playing the piano and reading. Lola says of herself: “I’m a little nerd and looked for documentaries. ©

 The  more absurd the topic, the more I enjoy it.” Whenever her schedule allows, Lola is also out and about in nature.


 The  24-year-old met her friend Florian at a bigFM raffle: Her former employer sent her and the man from Cologne to Las Vegas to get married. On the way to the altar last summer, it actually sparked between the two.

Anyone who follows Lola on Instagram also knows: ©

 The  lively presenter is a little clumsy and doesn’t take herself too seriously. ©

 The  audience should also be prepared for this quality: “I’m a classic body-Klaus and my biggest fear is breaking something.”

Incidentally, you can find the other candidates for “Let’s Dance 2021” here.

See “Let’s Dance” on TVNOW

From February 26th “Let’s Dance” will be on every Friday evening! Parallel to the TV broadcast, the show will also be broadcast live on TVNOW.

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great honor TVNOW presenter Lola Weippert


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