Jens Spahn rejects criticism of the vaccination strategy


Jens Spahn is criticized for breakdowns with the corona vaccinations. Now the health minister is resisting and says: The vaccination works “all in all well”.

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) is increasingly criticized for his Corona crisis management. Most recently, SPD parliamentary deputy Dirk Wiese had declared t-online: “I am currently appalled by Jens Spahn. As the responsible minister, he must finally do his job and get the obvious problems under control immediately.”

Now Spahn has rejected the criticism. “ It is going exactly as planned,” said Spahn on Saturday in the news program “RTL Aktuell”. 1.3 million doses of the Biontech Pfizer vaccine had been delivered to the federal states by the end of 2020. By the end of January this number will increase to a total of four million.

Spahn: Vaccination works “all in all well”

These are exactly the quantities that he had announced for weeks, “with the indication that it would be scarce at the beginning and that we therefore have to prioritize,” said Spahn.

The vaccination works “all in all well”. It was well prepared in the care facilities and vaccination centers. “There is no question that it would be nicer to have more vaccine and that is exactly what we are trying to do,” added the minister. The federal government is talking to Biontech and the state of Hesse about how an additional production facility can be created in Marburg in February.

Vaccinate all nursing home residents by the end of January

Spahn announced the goal of vaccinating all nursing home residents in Germany by the end of January. It makes a “crucial difference in the course of the pandemic” if this succeeds. The Federal Government’s approach to the procurement and distribution of the corona vaccine has recently met with growing criticism. Politicians from the opposition and the SPD expressed dissatisfaction on Saturday and complained about the slow start of the vaccinations.

In the debate about extending the nationwide lockdown, Spahn spoke out in favor of maintaining the measures beyond January 10. “ That is better than loosening up too early and then possibly facing difficult questions again in a few weeks,” said the CDU politician. The aim must be to reduce the number of corona infections now and keep them low for a longer period of time.

The Prime Ministers of the federal states will discuss the next steps with Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) on Tuesday. He also thinks that schools and daycare centers should be closed again, said Spahn. That is difficult for students and parents. “ But here, too, the following applies: It is easier for everyone to have schools for a week longer than to open them and then be faced with debates again at some point in a few weeks.”

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