Judgment case Pippa: Doctors are allowed to turn off devices, mother stunned


Updated January 8, 2021, 3:36 pm

  • At the age of five, Pippa should actually still have her life ahead of her.
  • In fact, only devices keep them alive.
  • Ending this is in Pippa’s best interests, a court ruled. But her mother sees it differently.

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It is a life-and-death struggle that the mother of a seriously ill girl fights in court in England. For now she lost him. The High Court in London ruled on Friday: The Little Pippa’s doctors are allowed to turn off the equipment.

The Fall is “heartbreaking”the judge admitted. But it is in the best interests of the five-year-olds not to keep them alive.

Whether in the hospital room or at home on the ventilator – Pippa get it of their environment and other people.

Influenza caused serious damage to the brain

For around two years Pippa Knight is at Evelina Children’s Hospital in London. A breathing tube in the nose and attached equipment keep them alive.

Ever since the flu caused severe damage to her brain, she suffers from a rare disease, called acute necrotizing encephalopathy.

The five-year-old is incapable of feeling pleasure – the doctors are convinced of that. The hospital therefore wants to end the life support measures – against her mother’s wishes, 41 year old Paula Parfitt: “I want Pippa to have the chance to come home and be with her family.”

She wants to continue to care for her daughter at home on the ventilator – and therefore fights in court.

“Mrs. Parfitt has Fought so hard for Pippaas one can only as a parent “, the judge acknowledged in his judgment.” But the responsibility for the decision rests with the court, not with it.

Fall is reminiscent of similar tragic trials

However, the last word has not yet been spoken: One will Appeal against the judgment lodge, announced the mother’s lawyers immediately after the decision.

The Pippa case recalls similar tragic trials in Great Britain: An Charlie Gardwho died at the age of eleven months, and at Alfie Evanswho was only 23 months old.

Both boys had a rare genetic defect, in both cases Even the Pope intervenedto get the UK judiciary to agree to treatment abroad. In vain.

“The doctors – and the judges too – in Britain claim that they are better able to decide what best for the child’s well-being is “, said Nikolaus Haas, head of the department for pediatric cardiology and pediatric intensive medicine at the University Hospital Munich, already during the proceedings around the Pippa case of the German press agency.

Pippa’s mother is “devastated”

In this country it is different: “This Thinking patterns are inconceivable for us in Germany. We have learned to deal with severely disabled patients differently. “According to experts, there are no similar decisions by German courts.

Pippa’s mother is particularly resentful of the London courtthat it also rejected a two-week trial phase for caring for the child at home with its judgment.

Nobody could know whether Pippa would not be better if she was at home with her family would be, thinks Parfitt. “Instead, the court decided to stop all treatments for Pippa and cause her to die.”

She was “devastated”said the mother of the five-year-old after the verdict. But she doesn’t want to give up hope completely yet. (dpa / fte)

For Donna Molina it was probably the most emotional moment in her life. The COVID-19 survivor held her daughter in her arms for the first time on Thursday. The woman had given birth to the child five weeks ago when she still needed artificial respiration.

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Judgment case Pippa Doctors allowed turn devices mother stunned


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