Jungle Camp 2021: Penalty after breaking the rules – nobody expected Bea’s reaction


Updated January 21, 2021 12:40 a.m.

  • First rule violation in the jungle show: As a punishment, the celebrities have to surrender three cigarettes.
  • When it comes to cigarettes, Bea Fiedler is known to have no more fun.
  • But she surprises everyone with her reaction.

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Bea Fiedler’s fuse is short anyway – but it is with cigarettes, the fun finally stops with her.  The  63-year-old proved this impressively shortly after moving into the tiny house.

When her roommate Lars Tönsfeuerborn refused a drag on his cigarette the next day with reference to the rules, the 63-year-old covered him with a wild, albeit extremely creative, swear word – keyword “personal ass need”.

Lars is absolutely right: © www.de24.news

 The  cigarettes of every jungle celebrity are only intended for personal use. Means: If you share your tobacco, you commit Violation of the rules. “© www.de24.news

 The  rules” are “the rules” and every violation will be punished – as the trio learned on day 3.

First punishment after breaking the rules in the jungle show

Because smoked repeatedly in the tiny house and Smuggled things were, must handed in three cigarettes will. “You can put your rules anywhere else”, is Bea’s first, expected reaction, “Kindergarten shit here.”

But then she surprises everyone.

Instead of sharing the sentence with Lars, she sacrifices all three criminal cigarettes from her possession and Lars is allowed to keep all five of his cigarettes. “You cannot punish me,” she defiantly reports. “I’ll quit smoking anyway!”

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 The re are considerable doubts in the house about this – her roommates see themselves going through hell as soon as Bea begins to withdraw. But all attempts to dissuade them fail.

“But then I’m not the ass afterwards because I have five cigarettes,” says Lars. “On the contrary,” replies Bea. “You might be the ass with seven cigarettes,” she says, offering him her last two butts.

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 The  withdrawal drama does not materialize

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 The  feared drama actually doesn’t happen – probably mainly because the trio has served their time in the tiny house and has to move out.

For Bea, the journey is over at this point: the viewers choose her from the show, she will not take part in the real jungle camp in 2022. That has its good points: She probably wouldn’t have liked it there anyway, the cigarettes are also strictly limited there – and Bea resumed smoking immediately after she moved out. (jwo)

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 The  big jungle show – what happened so far

“I’m a Star – © www.de24.news

 The  Big Jungle Show” runs daily until January 29th at 10:15 pm on RTL or in the stream on TVNOW.

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 The  rules are the rules” – but not for Bea Fiedler. When Lars denies her a drag on his cigarette with reference to the jungle show rules, she freaks out. © RTL Television

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Jungle Camp Penalty breaking rules expected Beas reaction


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