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Jungle Show 2021: Dr. Bob has arrived in Germany


The first words of Dr. Bob on German soil

In 2021 there will be a big jungle show in Germany and all jungle fans can look forward to a big spectacle. Of course, one shouldn’t be missing! Dr. Bob, the doctor that celebrities trust. RTL had it flown in especially for “I’m a Star – The Great Jungle Show” and now it’s finally here. We show the first words of the jungle doctor AND his surprise guest in the video.

Dr. Bob is really looking forward to the big jungle show

Probably the most famous Australia expert is an integral part of every live show of “I am a star – The great jungle show” and assesses the 12 prominent jungle camp applicants. In the run-up to the show, he was already looking forward to the show and, at the request of the jungle fans, he will be there for the show in Germany. His home country Australia has so far been less affected by COVID-19. Few new infections are currently registered across the country. In order to leave Australia, Dr. Bob obtained an exit permit from the Australian authorities. In order to be able to enter NRW, Dr. Bob register his entry and show a negative corona test.

In general, the following applies: The production of “I am a Star – The Great Jungle Show” takes place under the latest and strictest hygiene and safety measures. Due to the global pandemic situation, RTL and ITV made a conscious decision to have a production near Cologne as a safe location for the new show.

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Jungle Show Bob arrived Germany


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