Jungle Show 2021: This is how Dr. Bob on Lydia’s attempt at digging


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Fans of reality TV formats can be roughly divided into two categories. For one: fans of celebrity gossip.  The se are people who buy celebrity gossip magazines, watch live broadcasts of weddings of the British heir to the throne for eight hours on television and then hope at the jungle camp that Desirée Nick would accidentally slip out that her son’s father is actually Horst Seehofer. Or that Mario Basler chatted out in a kind of sparkling wine euphoria that Philipp Lahm was actually with Ralf Schumacher.

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of Marie von den Benken

And then there is category two: the ironic. © www.de24.news The y are in the first place People with a Twitter account, which can only be seen on the cute short message service when any Trash TV format is running, to then stealing funny memes and then, garnished with 34 smiling smileys, let WhatsApp groups die in their families.

Both groups finally get their money’s worth on day four, because the first one is ready Shift change in the jungle training camp at. Zoe Salome Saip (semi-finalist), Mike Heiter (semi-finalist) and Frank Fussbroich (selected by the audience) are clearing the romantic tiny house in the bush of the Cologne area and making room for test group 2.

More information about the jungle camp 2021 can be found here

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 The  celebrity factor does not increase, that But the Proll level is all the more clear. Against Bea, Lydia and Lars, the three days with Zoe, Mike and Frank seem like three months Silent Monastery in Tibet. But first things first. When IBES presenter and Corona expert Sonja Zietlow announced that “we are not going to run out of stars for a long time”, the hope initially germinated that real stars would finally move in.

But RTL remains true to itself and does Donald Trump: Promise a lot, deliver little. In the industry, RTL is now affectionately known as the TV broadcaster’s Jens Spahn. Instead of Annemarie Carpendale, Sophia Thomalla or at least Robert Geiss, he presents Ex-celebrity rehabilitation broadcaster from Cologne-Deutz and Bea Fiedler, Lydia Kelovitz and Lars Tönsfeuerborn.

Lars Tönsfeuerborn wins every Scrabble game

Bea is known for having “the most beautiful breasts in Germany”, which she then did for a few years shown around very diligently Has. For example in a couple of episodes “Eis am Stiel”, the “Game of Thrones” of the 1970s and 1980s: a story that nobody understands, but somebody keeps popping with somebody. And stupid costumes, when not everyone is naked.

Only Lydia has less style. She is known to have been kicked out of DSDS and to work as a wrestler on the side. While Lars Tönsfeuerborn’s greatest talent is using the correct spelling of his last name win every scrabble game to be able to.

Lars also took part in “Prince Charming” and is 1.96 meters tall. Short (haha, “short”, you understand) for classification: That is about three times as big like Klaas Heufer-Umlauf.

Bea on the other hand impresses with a medical phenomenon. It has been dry for 12 years, but it always looks as if it still has the residual alcohol from the entire 1980s in its blood. She can’t remember much from that time, except that it © www.de24.news

 The  best time of my life” was and “nobody could drink as much as I”. Which, seen in this way, is at least a kind of achievement. Of course Keith Richards can only smile tiredly about it.

In addition, the successor to Uschi Obermeier reveals as queen of the category “Most often topless Germans photographed” that she feels “at heart like 19”. Good you Cardiologist says something else but that’s not around.

In order to touch a healthy mix of trash, riot, foreign shame, but also pity and understanding, Bea also reports on her own # MeToo-Scandal, 30 years before MeToo even existed. Playboy founder Hugh Hefner personally had her (at the time when the most beautiful breasts in Germany was still relevant) Title “Playmate of the Year” offered. Of course, only via the detour through his hotel bed. “Playmate of the year” is of course a great thing, Challenge cup of the year but not, and so Bea turned down this tempting offer.

Not a jungle camp? © www.de24.news

 The n it looks bleak for Lydia

Never in her, well, career has Lydia Kelovitz come close to Hugh Hefner or the Playboy Mansion. Your name Hugh Hefner is Dieter Bohlen. Whether hotel beds were ever an issue between the two is not clearly passed down. One thing is clear: Lydia is somehow like a new Annemarie Eilfeld, just with an Austrian accent, a better voice and without a reputation-damaging connection to Andrej Mangold. Otherwise everything is the same. Lydia or Annemarie, it doesn’t matter: Both have no chance at DSDS and then crash into Trash TV.

Should it not work out with the qualification for the jungle camp, see it gloomy for Lydia. An alternative career as a geography teacher also seems largely excluded. © www.de24.news

 The  one hung in the phone room as a reminder of the original jungle Down Under National flag of Australia In any case, Lydia accurately identifies as: “Great Britain.” It quickly becomes clear: As far as geography is concerned, things are going about as smoothly at Lydia as at ZDFneo with the late night shows. One can only hope that Tommi Schmitt still has the time to save Lydia too.

© www.de24.news

 The  wreck trio is rounded off perfectly by Lars. His best sentence of the day deals with the fact that it also happens in the exams to be completed can be very disgusting and you may have to eat disgusting things. But no problem for the tough Scrabble king. He reveals: “Tails, testicles, assholes, it doesn’t matter. I’ve had worse things in my mouth!” Brrr. © www.de24.news

 The  “Charming” in “Prince Charming” probably stands for Toilet paper.

© www.de24.news

 The  unique mental freshness of the team becomes clear when DSDS wrestler Lydia spotted the bags with her private things that had been hanging there since she moved in after more than an hour in the Tiny House and an electrified one “Hurray, our bags are here” escapes. And by “sacks” she doesn’t mean her ex-boyfriends. Make sure you stay with it when Lydia continues on a voyage of discovery in the confusing, spacious 18-square-meter house. Tomorrow she might spot the toilet and the cameras.

When the first stage of escalation is finally ignited because of the Fluppen officer from RTL accidentally got the wrong cigarettes for Bea and she maltreated her roommates for hours in the first official MentholGate with a whim, against which Alfred was disgusted Guru of Serenity would apply, RTL quickly sends a few ex-residents back to the studio.

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 The  visibly enthusiastic Daniel Hartwich and Sonja Zietlow received some delegates from season 7 today at the IBES recycling center Olivia Jones, Georgina Fleur and the mother of Daniela Katzenberger. All three may briefly say a few words. Fleur asks not to call her Fleur anymore, Mama Katzenberger conjures up the cohesion of the group at the time and Olivia Jones decides who should get the golden ticket.

Larissa Marolt and Sarah Knappik – the icons of IBES history

Namely someone who combines the best qualities that one can call a Meme gold for a format like IBES should bring: “I would like a trash grenade, like a mixture of Larissa Marolt and Sarah Knappik.” Incidentally, Knappik is pregnant, Larissa is not, but both are considered to be Icons of IBES history and have previously learned from Heidi Klum. Coincidence? Or “Germany’s Next Top Model” produces possibly more reliable jungle camp participants than supermodels

Missing without excuse unfortunately the jungle king from season 7, Joey Heindle. This is sad, because Heindle coined one of the most legendary moments in IBES history: “I don’t feel like waking up dead tomorrow.” Wake up in the morning and be dead. That wishes you really don’t. A sentence with cult potential, it is even used for “If you’re blonde, that doesn’t mean you’re stupid. You can be both.” closely. With which the circle to GNTM closes again at this point.

We come to “Bachelor in the Jungle”. A format that has so far been absent from RTL’s portfolio for inexplicable reasons. At the latest after Lydia’s hormone explosion at the sight of Dr. bob RTL should rethink that urgently. © www.de24.news

 The  shows namely feelings for the jungle cult doctor and reveals her subtle digging attempt in the course of the first exam at the same time that she is almost as good in English as she is in geography. In order to break the ice between her and her love interest without any major detours, the first thing she asks is: “You want Knick Kack with me?” Dr. Bob immediately takes it Escape, Lydia is sure to be sympathetic to the audience. After all, she speaks better English than she sings.

Lars, Bea and Lydia capture two out of three stars

© www.de24.news

 The re are more findings from the jungle aptitude test not big to report. At most, Lars likes to fumble. In the end, Lars, Bea and Lydia loot two out of three stars and are reasonably satisfied. Jungle snake Bea Constrictor summarizes benevolently: “We were fat on TV, we looked awesome and we got two stars. “

If it continues at this trash pace, the three will end Luminaries of desolation tomorrow without a doubt in an official brawl. But that’s good, thinks the most beautiful ex-breasts in Germany. Bea was the first to understand the IBES concept: “That’s why we’re here, that we are mutually insane do. “And I’ll document that for you. In this sense: I’m not a star, read on tomorrow!

© www.de24.news

 The  first three episodes of the RTL “jungle show” caused frustration even among brave “IBES” fans. Now the signs are back to riot, fun and really big drama. © www.de24.news

 The  arrival of the second cast around the crazy “popsicle” actress Bea Fiedler was just terrific.

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Jungle Show Bob Lydias attempt digging


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