“Jungle Show”: How Bea Fiedler conquered trash hearts



“Jungle Show”: Bea Fiedler conquers trash hearts

So far the “jungle show” has not reached the level of the “jungle camp”. But now Bea Fiedler is taking trash hearts by storm.

Germany instead of the jungle: “I am a star – the great jungle show”

© www.de24.news The re will be no jungle camp in Australia in 2021: But a “jungle show” will take place in Germany this year due to the pandemic. “I am a star – the big jungle show” will start on January 15th.

show description

Berlin. On Instagram you can see an abusive one Bea Fiedler. © www.de24.news The  eyes are framed a little too thick with black kohl, the hair dyed a little too blonde and she is happy. Yes! At this year’s “jungle show”, conditions are finally coming to light, as you can see from the last 15 seasons: “I’m a star – get me out of here!” is used to. But in the end it’s just sad (in large part).

Yes, the second group of three that im Tiny House Moving closer together is louder, wilder, and more addicted to drinking and smoking than the first. Blue and red are their colors. But is it also better? Read here: “Jungle Show”: Entry of group 2 begins with nosebleeds

After this Mike Heiter and Zoe Salome Saip After the audience had phoned one lap further and Frank Fussbroich had to travel home, three new campers moved into the 18 square meter tiny house the day before yesterday:

  • Lars Tönsfeuerborn: former Prince Charming winner
  • Lydia Kelovitz: DSDS voice and wrestler
  • Bea, the “hot potato”, Fiedler: former soft porn star and model

Read here: Jungle Show 2021: © www.de24.news The se celebrities are there this year

“Jungle Show”: Fiedler delivers pure trash gold

Fiedler can be seen staggering in the first ten minutes, rage and cry. Missing first tobacco and sleeves. © www.de24.news

 The n only the pods. She explains that she already smokes 20 cigarettes between six and ten in the morning. To do this, Dr. Bob doesn’t come up to speed, we know without him: It’s not healthy.

Of course, Fiedler’s appearances are partly pure Trash-Gold. She insults or is insulted, covers her ears while singing when she doesn’t feel like talking to Lars Tönsfeuerborn, and gives Lydia Flirt tips, so that these Dr. Bob, her great love, can wrap around your finger.

On Twitter Bea Fiedler is celebrated. Salutation writes: “If you don’t call for Bea, you’ve never loved trash TV.” Bea Fiedler herself tweeted about a picture from 1991: “That Jungle camp is already in sight! ”

Jungle camp: More on the topic

But do you really want to see that? You really want to know how far the emotional derailment Fiedlers in Australian jungle go? Two days in the North Rhine-Westphalian Tiny House are enough to ignite fits of anger and crying with a regularity that otherwise only happens with rockets during the New Year’s fireworks.

Also that Bea occasionally talks about the good old days, in which, according to her own statement, she experienced everything that was in hers Branch experience only makes what you see sadder. Immediately afterwards, she does the dangling without much effort Social welfare office. “I’m not sad,” she sobs on the jungle phone. “I only cry because I can never go back there.” You almost want to hug her.

As an attempt to cheer up, RTL conjures up a real one Jungle exam classic which the three unintentionally mastered comedically. At the “Hürth Efferen Grand Prix”, they have to take a winding ride in a little cart Route cross, of course with some handicaps. Driver Lars is blindfolded, Pilot Lydia’s mouth is taped up, so she can only show the directions. Bea plays the mediator between the two of them. In addition to her right-left weakness, she cannot hear anything thanks to heavy earmuffs.

Bea as navigation system: “Back, come, straight, slightly-straight-left”

Lydia and Bea work together about as well as a broken one Navithat Lars only spits out extremely vague directions every few kilometers. “You should somehow turn right now. She says back. Come come. Narrow alley and then straight on, Straight. Slightly straight left. “

At some point Bea falls completely silent, but she is convinced that she remains incredibly meaningful: “Can I drive straight ahead?” “I don’t know.” Bea is more resourceful when Lars is not around: with one of her Outbursts of anger she coincidentally invents the name larsch. Lars plus … you already know.

© www.de24.news

 The  reply from Lars (ch) is a lot tamer. For him, Bea is a worn-out saddleback tapir from the 80s. It doesn’t come off the tongue so easily and, despite the word saddle cloth, it’s not an insult at all, but an animal. Nevertheless, Lars proves that he has an ass in his pants and does not let everything sit on him. His I-am-the-how-I-am mentality is rewarded. He is currently up 1st place of the audience voting and would be one round further. By the way, Bea too. She lands in second place and is very happy about it.

“Jungle Show” – That happened in the past episodes

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Jungle Show Bea Fiedler conquered trash hearts


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