Katy Perry wants to feed her dog vegan – and causes a controversy


 The  question of whether to feed dogs vegan is a hot topic in Katy Perry’s comments.

On Saturday, Katy Perry announced on Twitter that she would soon be ready to live “one hundred percent vegan” – and that her dog, named Nugget, was also joining her on this journey.

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Below the tweet, comments from users who are skeptical of a vegan diet for dogs piled up: “Dogs cannot live vegan, they are carnivores”, reads a tweet that was liked 2,000 times. Another user wrote: “Katy, I love you, but forcing your dog to be vegan is abuse and I don’t care what others say.”

In the replies there is a heated discussion about which diet is suitable for dogs: “Please stop spreading false information. Dogs can significantly improve their health through plant-based diets. I urge people not to read stupid comments, but to actually find out about this topic. ”

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Katy Perry feed dog vegan controversy


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