Kazmirek opens the Olympic year in Frankfurt


Kai Kazmirek started the Olympic year 2021 at the 1st Winter Cup of LG Eintracht Frankfurt in the Kalbach athletics hall.  The  29-year-old competed in a four-way battle, in which Andreas Bechmann, Tim Nowak and Nils Laserich – three athletes who also took part in the lottery dike meeting in Neuwied – took part. After a hurdle sprint over 60 meters, shot put, pole vault and 600 meter run, the decathlete of LG Rhein-Wied finished second behind the victorious Ulmer Nowak (3262) with 3152 points.

Kazmirek started with a daily best time of 8.17 seconds over 60 meter hurdles and followed 13.45 meters with the ball. Here the competition took away a few centimeters and thus also counters. In the pole vault with harder equipment, more than 4.60 meters could have been possible, and 1: 26.46 minutes over the final three indoor laps meant the third fastest time. © www.de24.news

 The  runner-up, who drove to Frankfurt after a full training session, rated his performance as preparation for the indoor season. “Judging by the current point in time, everything is okay. I feel fit and healthy, ”summed up Kazmirek. That alone proves the good time over the 60 meter hurdles.

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Kazmirek opens Olympic year Frankfurt


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