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Digitization leads to wild growth in your own four walls

Jena (pts015 / 20.01.2021 / 10: 30) – Statista forecasts 10.5 million smart homes for 2021 in Germany alone.  The  rapid digitalization and bulging household budgets are causing a wave of modernization among smart helpers in the home. Whether heating, blinds control or door openers: A large number of devices find their way into the home network. © The  router, the (W) LAN and the mixing of the smart players with PCs, laptops, smartphones, TV and network storage offer excellent conditions not only for cyber criminals. © The  ESET security experts show how users can make their home network safe and, above all, clear.

“Over time, more and more devices get access to the home network. With the increase in home offices and more and more smart devices, it is becoming more and more difficult to keep track of things,” explains Thomas Uhlemann, ESET Security Specialist at ESET. “But many devices are also forgotten over time, which can become a security threat. Solutions such as a home network monitor that examine the network for weak points and list connected devices are helpful.”

Insecure routers are a danger

Routers in standard settings, which continue to perform their service unchanged over the years, represent an immense danger for the home network. After all, they are the control center for all connected devices. Last year ESET research showed that admin, root and 1234 are still among the most popular but weak router passwords. Such routers are easy to hijack for cyber criminals.

In his article on WeliveSecurity, Thomas Uhlemann shows how to make the network secure and create order: /

Security tips from ESET security experts for the home network:

Use home network monitor: Such software lists the devices connected to the home network. Good solutions, such as the “Secure Home Network” function in ESET Internet Security, check the router for updates and vulnerabilities, open ports and other potential security risks.

Change network name: Users should give their WLAN a new name. © The  preset often contains the manufacturer name and device type. This allows attackers to check directly whether there are known vulnerabilities in this router model.

Keep firmware up to date: In many cases, updates bring new functions and close security gaps. If possible, automatic updates should be activated in the router’s menu or checked for updates regularly.

Deactivate remote access: With remote access, users open ports on their device. While this feature has numerous advantages, it also gives hackers another point of attack. Remote access should therefore remain deactivated.

Segment network: If the network is segmented, different participants are divided into groups and receive different access rights to the network. For example, a guest WLAN is recommended, which can be used on the one hand by visitors and on the other by smart home devices. For example, they do not have access to the network storage where private photos, videos and important documents are stored.

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Keeping track home network


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