Labor market – Frankfurt am Main – Hessen has the most short-time working careers


Munich / Frankfurt (dpa) – According to an estimate by the Ifo Institute, the most short-time working is in the state of Hesse. In December, 7.4 percent of employees subject to social security contributions were affected, as the economic research institute Ifo reported on Monday on the basis of its regular economic survey of around 7,000 companies. That corresponded to 196,000 people in Hessen. Baden-W├╝rttemberg (6.7 percent) and Bremen followed with 6.6 percent.

Companies can register short-time working in the event of economic fluctuations, which happened to a previously unknown extent during the Corona crisis. Since the actual application of short-time work is systematically lower than the previous registrations, the employment agency can only provide the actual figures with a long delay. The most recent data for Hessen refer to June, when almost 400,000 people in 32,000 companies were on short-time work. They received a wage replacement benefit from the employment agency for the lost working hours.

“As before, countries with a higher proportion of industry are somewhat more affected by short-time working,” said Ifo labor market expert Sebastian Link. The differences have become smaller due to the recovery in the industry in recent months. In Hesse, Frankfurt Airport also plays a major role because the air traffic has particularly large business failures.

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Labor market Frankfurt Main Hessen shorttime working careers


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