Lady Gaga: With dove of peace: Wow appearance at Joe Biden’s swearing-in


Lady Gaga made her grand entrance at Joe Biden’s inauguration – and it didn’t disappoint either musically or visually!

 The  whole world had been waiting eagerly for this day: Since today (January 20), 12 noon local time, Joe Biden (78) has been leading the fortunes of his country as the 46th President of the United States.

In the video above we introduce you to Jill Biden (69), the woman at Joe Biden’s side.


 The re was no shortage of star guests at the inauguration: In addition to Jennifer Lopez (51), who wrapped in white and caused goose bumps with her singing skills, Lady Gaga (34) also made her big appearance.

In the video below: At a speech the day before, Joe Biden was in tears at the thought of son Beau († 46).

In tears at the thought of son Beau († 46)


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Lady Gaga with Dove of Peace at Joe Biden’s swearing-in ceremony

Even before the first lines came over her carefully made-up lips, she made a clear statement with her outfit: because a huge golden dove of peace with an olive branch was emblazoned on the singer’s chest. It should be a day of unity, of reconciliation – the musician also made that very clear.

Lady Gaga

© Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

But the rest of Schiaparelli’s look was also impressive: the singer wore her hair in an elaborate and elegant braided hairstyle. She combined a flowing red skirt with a simple black jacket.

If you didn’t feel warm at the sight of her, it was for sure when the beautiful blonde sang the US national anthem. A wow appearance in every respect – and worthy of this historic day!

In the video: With sister & brother – cute children’s photo of Joe Biden appeared!

With sister & brother: cute child photo popped up!



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Lady Gaga dove peace Wow appearance Joe Bidens swearingin


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