Lady Gaga’s friend Michael Polansky is her support in life


For Lady Gaga (34), things are going really well at the moment – professionally and privately.  The  best proof of this was probably the inauguration of US President Joe Biden (78), where the 34-year-old was allowed to sing the American national anthem. She was accompanied to the ceremony by a friend Michael Polansky, with whom she has been together for around a year. During this time, the entrepreneur is said to have become a real stop in the artist’s life.


 The  two are more than in love with each other. Michael is really a fantastic guy. He is down to earth, clever and focused on his professional tasks “a source told the Us Weekly. ©

 The  43-year-old is not out to benefit from the celebrities of his famous girlfriend. Instead, it brings real stability to their lives. “When they’re together, they keep touching, giggling and it’s obvious that they love each other,” added the insider.

He could well imagine that Lady Gaga would be with Michael betrothed, because the singer had already called him the love of her life. Should it come to that, it would be the Oscar winner’s third engagement. Relations with Taylor Kinney (39) and Christian Carino both failed before going to the altar.

Lady Gaga and Michael Polansky at Joe Biden’s swearing-in ceremony, January 2021
Lady Gaga and Michael Polansky
Lady Gaga and Michael Polansky

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Lady Gagas friend Michael Polansky support life


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