Large-scale action against illegal work: Over 600 workers involved


More than 600 forces from customs and tax investigators took action against organized illegal work on the construction site on Wednesday. In the action, which focused on the Rhine-Main area, an illegal network of construction and bogus companies were broken up and three main suspects were arrested, said the Frankfurt public prosecutor and the main customs office in Giessen. During the operation, apartments, business premises and workers’ accommodation in several federal states were searched. Front companies and subcontractors in Hamburg, Hesse and Berlin were affected.

 The  operation of the illegal work special commission Rhine-Main of the main customs office Gießen on behalf of the public prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt was directed against 48 suspects. ©

 The y are accused of withholding social security contributions, fraud and tax evasion or aiding and abetting. This would have caused total damage estimated at almost 30 million euros.


 The  focus of the investigation was therefore a construction company from the Groß-Gerau district. She is said to have only partially communicated the working hours of construction workers to the responsible collection agencies over the years. In addition to this, the workers were given “conspiratorially paid cash in envelopes” for hours they had worked in the black. According to the judiciary, the alleged perpetrators and their helpers generated cash with bogus invoices for services that were never rendered, created by “service companies” and tried to cover up the acts.

Three men aged 28, 38 and 49 have been provisionally arrested, including the 49-year-old managing director of the construction company. He is considered the alleged main culprit and mastermind.

During the searches, in which data carrier sniffer dogs and cash sniffer dogs were also used, the investigators found extensive evidence and secured assets. According to the public prosecutor, customs have seized accounts and outstanding claims for services rendered. ©

 The  Frankfurt District Court has issued property arrests of almost 30 million euros.

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Largescale action illegal work workers involved


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