Linda Zervakis causes a stir with her sweatpants


Breaking News: Sweatpants in the “Tagesschau”. Moderator Linda Zervakis has spread a video on Facebook that shows her in the studio of the ARD news program with casual underwear.

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When the “Tagesschau” is over, the “most private moment” of the show always comes. Because then the camera moves into the long shot, allows a view of the speakers’ underwear and subjects the ARD celebrities, who are otherwise only present as upper bodies, to an optical trouser test. This has been the case for almost six years now, the NDR had costly rebuilt the studio in 2014, a year later the show introduced new camera work.

Now “Tagesschau” spokeswoman Linda Zervakis has taken advantage of this fact on the occasion of the International Day of Sweatpants – and presented herself comfortably, fashionably and fully in the “lockdown trend”. Her work wardrobe consisted of blue sweatpants. “Today is international day of jogging pants. Let’s go,” commented the 45-year-old on a video on her Facebook page.

You can see the scene in the video above – or here.

In the short clip, the moderator can be seen stepping away from the speaker’s desk after being moderated and walking towards the camera in her sweatpants. In the comments below the video, Zervakis received great encouragement for the campaign.  The re is talk of a “casual finish” or “so personable”. A user asked about the brand of the pants and Linda Zervakis promptly replied: “Adidas”, she wrote in the comments and put an emoji behind it, which mysteriously places the index finger on the lips. Normally, the public service broadcasting and thus also its employees are obliged to be neutral, advertising for private companies is prohibited.

Linda Zervakis always appears serious as a news anchor, but is well known for her unpretentious appearances apart from the “Tagesschau”. During one of her readings on her book “Queen of the Colorful Bags” she poured ouzo to the guests, in the videos of the Hamburg bands Deichkind and Beginner she showed herself as part of the production and in 2014 she drank with moderator Ina in “Ina’s Night” Müller with relish Sambuca.

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Linda Zervakis stir sweatpants


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