Live from 4:45 p.m.: Black Wings perform in Szekesfehervar


Fehervar AV19 – Black Wings 1992

Fehervar AV19

Black Wings 1992

First face-off: 01.01. – 17:30

Live commentary

Nine wins from the last ten games. In the table on par with table leader HCB Südtirol. Even if Fehervar AV19 recently suffered a 4-1 home defeat against Vienna Capitals, the Hungarians are now the big favorites against the Black Wings in 1992. The fourth game under coach Dan Ceman will be an endurance test for Linz in particular. So far this season all three duels have gone to the Hungarians (1: 3, 1: 4, 0: 2 from Linz’s point of view).

Naujahr brings offensive spectacle

The first game of the new year was always something special. If you look at the duels on January 1st of the past five years, the average goal per game was 9.8. The enemy was called Znojmo four times and Vienna once.

It is quite possible that the best offensive in the league ( Fehervar, 98 goals) will score one or two goals today. Under Dan Ceman, the Linzers tend to be a bit more solid defensively. The Black Wings are the worst offensive in the league to date (49 goals). Today’s hosts were twice as successful, but almost equally vulnerable defensively ( Fehervar: 85 goals against, Linz: 87 goals against).

Season out for Andreas Kristler

It has been feared for a long time, yesterday it became official: The season is over for Andreas Kristler after an upper body injury. Of course, in the current situation, it is very difficult for me not to be able to help my team. I will do everything I can to get back on the ice as soon as possible,” said the striker. According to manager Gregor Baumgartner, the search for a replacement is currently underway: “ We have one or two candidates in mind.”

Markus Prince



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