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Here the SSB-Flex-Taxi is on the move in the Synergy Park Vaihingen-Möhringen. Photo: z / Birgit Kiefer

The SSB Flex call taxi offer now uses a new technology that is intended to bring benefits to users. This works mainly via the app, but not only.

Degerloch – SSB-Flex taxis have been on the road in some of the Stuttgart districts since June 1, 2018. On the Fildern, the Degerloch district has been part of it from the start. The aim of the vehicles is to cover the white spots on the public transport map to date. These are – conventionally described – call taxis. The range has since been expanded and the SSB-Flex cars have been on tour throughout the city since then.

SSB Flex 2.0 started this week; it is a further development of the service. The Stuttgart trams (SSB) claim to be working with the technology from ViaVan, a company for on-demand solutions, in the future.

3600 customers transported per month

“With the findings of the first project phase and the city-wide offer, SSB Flex was able to develop very well and had achieved continuous growth of 15 percent with up to 3,600 customers transported per month before the pandemic,” reports the SSB. The service can be requested via the app and is available in a maximum of ten minutes. If there is a lot of demand, it can sometimes take a little longer because an attempt is made to “bundle the trips intelligently”. With the introduction of ViaVan’s algorithms and technology platform, the basis for the future of SSB Flex 2.0 will be laid.

App now also in English

Dietmar Fillinger, the project manager at SSB Flex, now informs you that the first new functions will be available right from the start: app operation for the visually impaired, web booking, a communication option between driver and customer when picking up and the app in English language.

In addition, the SSB Flex fleet is to be gradually expanded in 2021 and electrified with new Mercedes Benz EQV shuttles. A telephone booking is also in preparation, for example for seniors with less good smartphone knowledge. In order to be able to offer the actual SSB-Flex journey barrier-free, the introduction of special vehicles with special booking is planned, with which the entry and exit can also take place without obstacles, according to the SSB.

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