Maas wants to let corona vaccinated people in restaurants and cinemas earlier


Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas is in favor of allowing people to visit restaurants or cinemas earlier than the rest of the population after the corona vaccination. “Vaccinated people should be able to exercise their basic rights again,” Maas told “Bild am Sonntag”.

Vaccinated people should be able to exercise basic rights again

 The  SPD politician is thus opposing the cabinet of Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and his own party, which have so far refused to give people who have been vaccinated more freedom. Maas called the debate so far “misleading”. “It’s not about privileges, but about the exercise of basic rights for vaccinated people,” he said.

“A vaccinated person does not take a ventilator away from anyone”


 The  state has massively restricted these basic rights with the corona rules so that more people are not infected and in the end intensive care beds and ventilators are no longer sufficient. “It has not yet been finally clarified to what extent people who have been vaccinated can infect others,” said the former Federal Minister of Justice. “But what is clear: a vaccinated person will no longer take a ventilator away from someone.” This removes at least one central reason for restricting fundamental rights.

Vaccination should enable businesses and shops to be opened


 The  government also restricts the basic rights of people who run businesses such as restaurants, cinemas, theaters, museums. “©

 The y have the right to reopen their operations at some point if there is a possibility,” said Maas. But they only exist when more and more people are vaccinated. ©

 The  federal government has so far rejected freedom for vaccinated people. Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU), for example, had warned of an impending split in society.

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Maas corona vaccinated people restaurants cinemas earlier


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