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Updated January 14, 2021, 6:33 am

  • The vaccination policy of the Federal Minister of Health is the central topic in Sandra Maischberger’s panel discussion on Wednesday evening.
  • Journalist Melanie Amann accuses Jens Spahn of “throwing smoke candles”.
  • Political scientist Christian Hacke fears: Trump supporters will chase the new US president.
A criticism

of Fabian Busch

After the sensational end of FC Bayern in the DFB-Pokal, Sandra Maischberger and her guests had to work hard on Wednesday evening to get the television audience to stick with it.

At least Maischberger has it Jens Spahn a very promising guest: The vaccinations against the coronavirus have barely started in Germany when criticism rises.

Because there is too little vaccine, the Federal Minister of Health has to listen to the accusation that he screwed up the vaccination start.

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These are the guests

Robin Kelly: The Democratic US Congressman did the Storming the Capitol by radical Trump supporters a week ago experienced first hand and is briefly connected from Washington.

She explains why her party is one new impeachment procedure against the US president, who is about to leave office anyway: “We don’t want him to ever be able to run again.”

Christian Hacke: The political scientist also speaks out in favor of the impeachment of Trump: “A president who looks like that un- and anti-democratic radicalized – there it has to be. “

Melanie Amann: The head of the capital city office of “Spiegel” accuses Health Minister Spahn of making the slow one Vaccination start too positive Dar: “For me it seems like a walking drug advertisement: Read the small print for risks and side effects.”

Robin Alexander: The deputy editor-in-chief of the daily newspaper “Die Welt” shows Understanding for Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU), who proposed a corona vaccination for nursing professions: “If someone says I want to care for old people, but I don’t want to be vaccinated against Corona – I find that personally problematic.”

Urban Priol: That is just typical Söder, the cabaret artist from Aschaffenburg declines: “Of course he also has to distract from the fact that in Bavaria the numbers in the old people’s and nursing homes are not great are.”

Jens Spahn: The Federal Minister of Health (CDU) speaks out against compulsory vaccination for carers. That could Damage confidence in the vaccine. In addition, one does not yet know whether vaccinated people are less infectious. “As long as we have not clarified that, a lot of debates are idle.”

That is the moment of the evening

There is one question that should worry many people: How long do we have to stay in the withstand second lockdown? There is a vague answer to that this evening – if not a pleasant one.

The Chancellor had already indicated that Relaxation of the contact restrictions until Easter difficult could be. And that is also the message that the audience read between the lines of Jens Spahn that evening.

He said from the start that winter would be hard – and the winter goes until the end of Marchsays Spahn. “We won’t be able to lift all restrictions and restrictions on February 1st. That is very obvious. They will have to be extended.”

This is the speech duel of the evening

The television audience gets a real argument unfortunately not required. Instead, Sandra Maischberger tries personally to lure the Federal Minister of Health out of the reserve.

Jens Spahn defends the way of the European Union, which, unlike Great Britain, did not want to give the corona vaccine an earlier emergency approval and is therefore now lagging behind in vaccination. “In the medium term, when it comes to trust in the vaccine, proper approval is the way to go,” said Spahn.

Maischberger does not want to be satisfied with that. “Early vaccination saves lives – doesn’t it?” She asks pointedly. Spahn is visibly annoyed. His message on this show should be obvious: Everything is going well. Sufficient vaccine had been ordered, it was just an “initial shortage”. And where there is already vaccination, it works fine.

After Spahn’s departure from the studio, this depiction calls journalist Melanie Amann back on the scene. She breaks with a “golden Maischberger rule” and throws the guest a critical sentence: Spahn only threw smoke candles, Amann is annoyed: “We vaccinate much later than other countries, we vaccinate much less than other countries, we have not ordered enough vaccine or too little vaccine. And they The situation in the nursing homes is catastrophic.”

That’s the result

There remains a broadcast very limited informational value: Jens Spahn repeats what he said that day in the Bundestag. Also on the question of who will be running for the this Saturday CDU-Vorsitz could decide, the commentators do not dare to answer.

The The situation in the party is extremely diffusesays “Welt” journalist Robin Alexander. Candidate Norbert Röttgen, however, has blocked his chances by declaring the FDP not suitable for a coalition. “I think Norbert Röttgen made a super campaign – but it went to his head.”

So there is only one of this evening anxious look into the future: Because of the corona lockdown, which will probably remain with us for a while. And because of the prospects in the USA: Political scientist Christian Hacke believes that a dangerous political situation is brewing there.

The storm on the Capitol may only be the beginning. “For me it is not impossible that things are going to get a lot worse in the next few months will. There has never been a presidency like Biden’s now, where he is hunted almost every day by Trump and his supporters. ”

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maischbergerdie woche Spahn preparing longer lockdown


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