Man is fatally injured in an industrial accident north of Berlin – BZ Berlin


A man was killed on Monday in an accident at work in Hennigsdorf (Oberhavel) north of Berlin.

While loading a truck, several stacked bundles of steel came loose in a production hall and fell on the man. © The  54-year-old was fatally injured, as the police announced on Tuesday.


 The  bundles, which weighed tons, had previously been moved with a crane, which was, however, idle at the time of the accident.


 The  scene of the accident was examined by employees of the State Office for Occupational Safety, Consumer Protection and Health. ©

 The  police have started investigations into the cause of the accident.

In another accident in Velten (Oberhavel), a 52-year-old was injured while working with a forklift. ©

 The  forklift driver apparently overlooked the man behind while reversing on company premises on Monday and hit him in the leg.

He was taken to hospital injured. ©

 The  responsible state office was also informed here. ©

 The  police are investigating.

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Man fatally injured industrial accident north Berlin Berlin


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