Many corona parties in Germany – drunks attack the police


In Germany, the police had to break up numerous corona parties. While drunks attack the officials in Osnabrück, two party guests in Bavaria jump out of the window and break their bones.

Celebrating police officers attacked and injured at a party in the Osnabrück district. After a tip, the officials found six heavily intoxicated men between 20 and 44 years old in a party hut in Belm, the police said on Sunday.  The  people had shown themselves to be uncooperative and aggressive. According to the information, a party guest should be taken to the guard to determine the identity. This refused.

When he was to be led to the patrol car, four men attacked the police, it was said. © The  officers used pepper spray and detained all the celebrants. A 21-year-old injured a 29-year-old policeman in the knee so badly that he was unable to work. © The  police are investigating violations of the regulations to contain the corona pandemic.

Corona parties in Bavaria dissolved: injured and reports

© The  police also broke up several “corona parties” in Bavaria at the weekend: In addition to reports, there were also injuries. In the Swabian Weißenhorn (Neu-Ulm district), two people were injured trying to flee from the police. A patrol had previously found a party with 13 participants from different households in an apartment, the police said on Sunday.

© The  guests were all drunk. When the police wanted to take the personal details, several people tried to storm out of the apartment. Because of the aggressive demeanor of seven celebrants, the police called reinforcements. Two partygoers jumped out of a window on the second floor to evade control. © The  two men were taken to hospitals with open fractures. All those present were reported due to a violation of the Infection Protection Act.

© The re were also forbidden celebrations in Weiden in the Upper Palatinate and Memmingerberg (Unterallgäu district). Parties with six people were resolved here on Friday and Saturday evenings. © The re, too, the celebrants from different households were reported.

In the Swabian town of Röfingen (Günzburg district), the police ended a party with four people on Saturday evening. While the officers were still at the scene, another man joined them. He wanted to celebrate. A complaint was filed against the five people present between the ages of 16 and 30.

Trouble in Saxony

Because of violations of the Corona rules, the police also intervened at parties in Chemnitz and the surrounding area. Police officers had to end two parties of young people in Chemnitz on Saturday night, at which in one case 7 and in the other case 14 young people celebrated together in an apartment.

On Saturday evening, the officials also broke up a garage party with 10 people in Tauscha and a celebration in a garden with 12 people in Hartmannsdorf. In Kriebstein and Niederwürschnitz, too, the officers moved on Sunday night and broke up meetings, as the police department announced.

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