Many nurses do not want to be vaccinated


The reluctance of the nurses regarding the coronavirus vaccine is greater than expected. According to the commuter newspaper, sometimes only every tenth nurse wants to be vaccinated for 20 minutes. Young female employees in particular fear that the vaccine could damage fertility or otherwise cause long-term side effects, which is why they refuse to be vaccinated.

Official figures on how many nurses actually get vaccinated are not yet available. However, individual cantons have made estimates, such as Bern. There they expect a vaccination rate of over 30 percent.

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In contrast, the rate is higher in the canton of Lucerne. David Dürr, Head of the Health and Sport Service, explains: “80 to 90 percent of people who live in homes can be vaccinated, and almost half of employees.”

For Thomas Steffen, canton doctor of Basel-Stadt and board member of the Association of Cantonal Doctors, the self-protection of nursing staff and residents is currently the top priority. He told the commuter newspaper: “It’s not primarily about achieving the highest possible vaccination rate.”

He also made a statement on the sometimes high number of nurses who do not want to be vaccinated. A distinction must be made: “Between people who still have unanswered questions and a smaller group who generally reject vaccinations.” Steffen assumes, however, “that the willingness to vaccinate will continue to increase, because with the approval of the vaccines the frequently requested information is available and the benefits of the vaccination in everyday life are clearly shown”.

Christoph Berger, Head of the Federal Commission for Vaccination Issues (EKIF) explains with regard to the safety of the vaccine: “So far, the vaccination has not shown any serious side effects in the studies; it is not recommended for pregnant women due to a lack of data. Monitoring is carried out for rarer or later side effects. For now, it is important to reduce the daily hospitalizations and deaths due to Covid-19. ”

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