Many people who want to be vaccinated in Klagenfurt and Villach


As the responsible authorities in Klagenfurt said, there are around 7,000 citizens in the state capital who are older than 80. We expect even more registrations in the next two days because a personal letter will be sent to the citizens from Tuesday. The 80 plus generation in Villach comprises around 4,100 people, many of whom already registered on Monday. This guarantees that 100 percent of the vaccine doses initially available for Villach will be used up, the city said.

According to Gerd Kurath from the State Press Service, the vaccinations are first given to older people. The city of Villach announced that anyone who does not receive a vaccination this time is automatically reserved for one of the next appointments.

Registration deadline extended after criticism

The Carinthian communities have up to and including Thursday to list those willing to be vaccinated who are older than 80 years and do not live in a home. The data obtained are then transmitted to the state of Carinthia. The latter also orders the necessary vaccination doses from the federal government, said the Carinthian Association of Municipalities President Günther Vallant to the ORF.

In advance, numerous community leaders expressed their displeasure with the bureaucratic effort. Community federation president Vallant put the additional effort into perspective, whether the fact that the registration deadline was extended to Thursday, last. As such, the municipalities should have announced their willingness to be vaccinated by 4 p.m. on Monday.

Campaign “Austria vaccinates” starts

An information campaign by Austrian doctors about the corona vaccine started on Monday. The doctors want to counter false reports and untruths about the vaccination.

High demand from hospital staff

By the end of the week, all residents of Carinthian retirement and nursing homes who are willing to be vaccinated, as well as employees of these homes, should be immunized. In total, the 6,000 home residents are looked after by around 3,000 employees, of these 9,000 people, 54 percent have registered for a vaccination.

Hospital staff are likely to be more willing to vaccinate. According to initial information, 70 percent of Carinthian hospital employees want to be vaccinated. The immunization of the staff on the Covid stations is to begin on January 19, and the rest of the staff will then have their turn. A total of around 1,800 people have been vaccinated in Carinthia so far.

Tests for volunteers in test streets by appointment

Starting next Monday, there will be new opportunities for volunteers to get a free antigen test. On the test streets in the district towns, where suspected cases are tested, you can secure time slots for such a test by registering online.

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