McDonalds causes a scandal: do burger classics fall off the menu? Fast food fans freak out – “Just no”


A sign indicates a branch of McDonald’s. Will you soon be missing a popular burger classic?

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 The  fast food giant McDonalds is currently causing a stir among burger lovers with a posting. A burger classic should therefore drop out of the range.

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 The  fast food offer from McDonalds changes at least partially regularly. However, there are some classics in the US giant’s range that every burger fan knows at least by name. Impossible that these are no longer offered at the burger house? Apparently not quite. McDonalds caused a stir with its followers with a posting.

McDonalds causes a stir: “someone has to go”

On Wednesday, the fast food giant’s social media team posted a Facebook post on the Internet that sparked a lot of discussion. “Somebody has to go!” Is written in large letters on a picture showing four burgers. McDonalds writes: ©

 The  hardest decision: who would you choose?”

You can see real burger classics in the picture: In addition to the “Big Mac”, the “McRib” and the “McChicken”, the modern classic “Big Tasty Bacon” can also be chosen.

McDonalds scandal: Burger fans not very enthusiastic – then the fast food giant takes a stand


 The  Facebook post immediately caused a lot of excitement and participation in the survey among the fans of the fast food giant. ©

 The  post collected a total of 17,058 comments in just one day. Many follow McDonalds’ requests and write in the comments which burger they think should be removed from the range.

But many find the idea that one of the four burgers should no longer be offered at all borderline: “One has to go? Good, who got the stupid idea to throw out one of these classics! This person should go, ”writes one user. Another says: “What should the sh …..? If there is no more McRib, I won’t come. ©

 The  only burger that doesn’t always have the same patties or chicken on board ”. Another thinks: “Just no! Each of these magnificent specimens has earned its place in the permanent range ”.

Burger Zoff at McDonalds: Fast food giant takes a stand

But does McDonalds really plan to throw out one of its classics? ©

 The  answer is: No.

Upon request from informed McDonalds Germany that they do not intend to “remove one of the four burgers shown from the range”. But then why the action?


 The  aim of the posting is to “inspire your community to play a mind game with a wink” and to ask which burger is the most popular.

Two fast-food competitors recently caused a stir: Burger King and KFC had a real exchange of blows. (rjs)

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