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Media Markt voucher booklet 2021: Offers in the price check


January 01, 2021 – 11:59 pm Clock

Media Markt voucher booklet 2021: These top offers are worthwhile

With the year 2021 we are starting a new year full of hope. Meanwhile, Media Markt ensures a real hit. At the beginning of the new year, the technology shop celebrates the turn of the year with a voucher booklet. And what do you notice? The booklet is full of coupons from top brands such as Samsung, Sony and LG. From televisions to household appliances and consoles, the thick flyer offers a number of offers from the world of technology. We took a close look at the Media Markt voucher booklet and revealed which insider tips are really hidden among the deals.

Media Markt voucher booklet: Deals as far as the eye can see

Note: Unlike in other years, the coupons can only be redeemed in the Media Markt * online shop. The reason for this is still the national lockdown, which is paralyzing stationary retail across Germany. In addition: The promotion is valid from January 2nd, 2020 to January 13th, 2020 – so if you find your favorite product between the deals, you shouldn’t wait long. The products are only available to a limited extent. First come first serve.

Offers at Media Markt: An overview of the offers from the voucher booklet *

LG OLED TV at a top price at Media Markt

The OLED TV from LG impresses with its extreme image resolution. Now significantly reduced in the Media Markt voucher book.

© Media Markt

The 55-inch TV from LG * with OLED screen is really cheap to get hold of at Media Markt at the turn of the year. In the voucher booklet, the smart TV shines with 1,393 euros instead of 1640 euros: That’s not exactly cheap. The Smart TV still has a significant impact on the price, but the model is definitely impressive. At the television got a very good grade (1.3): A crisp picture quality and a super-fast gaming mode are convincing. Nowhere is TV currently as cheap as at Media Markt.

Ecovacs Deebot vacuum robot: offer at Media Markt in the coupon booklet

Media Markt offer

The Ecovacs vacuum robot can be found in the Media Markt voucher booklet at a great price.

© Media Markt

As soon as the new year has rung in, they say: Spring cleaning is imminent. This is very easy with the vacuum robot from Ecovacs *. For 379 euros instead of 599 euros you can get a vacuum robot with three suction levels for every type of floor. Carpet or hard floor? This is no longer a problem for the little miracle of suction. The app-controlled machine can be found in the voucher booklet for the best price on the net: No other competitor can outbid Media Markt here.

Sony DSC-RX100 digital camera: Offer for great snapshots

Media Markt voucher booklet

There is a gadget for amateur photographers in the voucher booklet from Media Markt: the Sony digital camera DSC-RX100 is 55 percent cheaper than usual.

© Media Markt

Do you love taking photos? The year 2021 will again offer some great motifs. With the Sony DSC-RX100 III Zeiss NFC digital camera *, taking photos should be child’s play. The camera can be found in the voucher booklet for 399 euros instead of 849 euros – if that doesn’t sound like a mega discount! The Sony camera received a good grade (1.9) from Stiftung Warentest.

The compact camera is high quality and shines with a good electronic viewfinder and a multitude of manual functions. The digital camera received the top grade in the eye test in the test. The speed, the super-fast flash and the folding monitor are also convincing. A great camera for amateur photographers who are looking for exciting photo opportunities in 2021 – we think: the offer is amazing! For more than 55 percent off the original price, the camera in the voucher booklet is cheaper than ever before.

A top deal in the voucher booklet: Kenwood Chef Elite kitchen machine

Media Markt offer

The Kenwood stand mixer comes with six accessories to make cooking easier.

© Media Markt

If you want to cook more as a resolution in the New Year, the Kenwood Chef Elite kitchen machine * should be well served. The professional machine currently costs 429 euros instead of 799 euros with a coupon at Media Markt. This is a blatant deal that no one on the internet can beat. The food processor has six accessories.

With the Kenwood you can make everything your heart desires, from pasta dough to cake dough. The year 2021 begins with numerous delicacies.

Samsung Galaxy A71: a giant phone for an amazing price

Media Markt offer

The Samsung Galaxy A71 comes with 128 GB of storage – a bargain at Media Markt that is impressive.

© Media Markt

Samsung’s best mid-range smartphone 2020 with a large OLED display, ultra-modern flair and lots of storage can also be found in the Media Markt voucher booklet. For 299 euros instead of 469 euros, the Samsung Galaxy A71 * can really be seen: gives the phone a good grade (2.3). The reason: The versatile camera with ultra-wide-angle and macro shots is impressive. And not only that: the smartphone is also really fast. We say: a great deal for the price. Nobody can keep up with that.

Nintendo Pro Controller with game or USB adapter in a bundle

Media Markt offer

With the Nintendo Switch Controller you can decide whether you would prefer a game or a USB adapter to go with it. Another snap at Media Markt for 89 euros.

© Media Markt

You got hold of a Nintendo Switch for Christmas and now you really want to start looking? The enclosed Joy-Cons are often too small for massive hands. The Nintendo Pro Controller * is therefore a real must for console fans. At Media Markt, the controller is currently in a really blatant deal: For 89 euros you can get the device for the Switch with either a Nintendo Switch game or a USB adapter. That doesn’t just sound good: the deal can be powerful. Because a Switch game alone costs just under 49 euros. There is the otherwise quite expensive Nintendo Switch controller worth around 69 euros for 40 euros in a bundle.

You can choose from these games:

For 165 euros in the voucher booklet: SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Active2

Media Markt voucher booklet

A great gadget for those who want to track their fitness values ​​for the New Year: the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is reduced in the coupon booklet at Media Markt.

© Media Markt

A new year also means good resolutions: So it’s no wonder that you can find a smartwatch in the Media Markt voucher booklet. Because hardly when do people want a fitness tracker than at the turn of the year. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 * offers exactly this function. Distances covered can be precisely recorded with the smartwatch, pulse and heart rate can also be measured.

For, the Smartwatch from Samsung is a solid fitness watch for beginners who want to track some simple sports activities. A bright color display and the integrated voice assistant can also impress. At Media Markt, the smartwatch costs 165 euros instead of 262 euros at the turn of the year. This is a solid offer to get you started in the fitness world.

Voucher booklet Media Markt 2021: These offers can convince

Conclusion: Voucher book full of top offers

We scanned the coupon book extensively and were able to find some exciting deals. The top deals start the year 2021 hopefully. A look at the overview of offers at Media Markt * is definitely worthwhile. But be careful: The promotion is limited to January 13th and is only valid while stocks last. That means: Access it quickly! Not that your favorite product is sold out within a few hours. Because you will not be the only one who grabs the shopping spirit at the turn of the year.

* We work with affiliate links in this post. If you buy a product through these links, we receive a commission from the provider. There are no additional costs for you. Where and when you buy a product is of course up to you.

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