MediaMarkt again undercuts all dealers


The FritzBox 7590 from AVM is one of the most popular and best DSL routers in Germany. MediaMarkt has significantly reduced the price and again undercuts all retailers. But you can save even more.

Update am 07.01.2021: At MediaMarkt there is currently the FritzBox 7590 on offer for only 169 euros. The discount of 20 euros is automatically deducted from the shopping cart. You can save an additional 10 euros if you register for the newsletter in advance and enter the voucher at the checkout. Then you end up with very cheap 159 Euro. There are also no shipping costs.

AVM FritzBox 7590: The price development at a glance

The AVM FritzBox 7590 is multiple test winner and probably the most popular DSL modem with WLAN router function in Germany. The street price has fallen significantly since the market launch in autumn 2018 with an MSRP of 249 euros, as a look at idealo’s best price chart reveals.

Price development of the Fritzbox 7590: The historic best price of around 160 euros was reached in August and November 2020 (graphic: idealo)

The DSL modem with integrated WLAN router has been available for less than 200 euros since the end of 2019. The best prices are basically stable, a general decline in prices can no longer be seen, but the AVM device is regularly available in price promotions at prices of around 180 euros. The best online price scratched the 160 euro mark twice: in August 2020 and on Singles Day in November 2020. If you have your eye on the Fritzbox 7590 anyway, you can strike with a clear conscience at prices below 180 euros.

AVM FritzBox 7590: The special features

The AVM router FritzBox 7590 is one of the top models and is very well equipped. Compared to earlier models, the router has been visually redesigned and offers a high WiFi range thanks to the latest technologies. A DSL speed of up to 300 Mbit / s is supported, a mesh network can be created and the router can serve as a telephone system. With the FritzOS, AVM has also developed its own operating system for the router, which offers a high level of security, has many setting options and is always brought up to date with updates.

The FritzBox is more than a normal router:

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AVM FritzBox 7590: For whom is it worth buying?

The purchase of the AVM FritzBox 7590 is worthwhile for anyone who wants to do more with a router than just access the Internet. The range of functions is huge, so this model is aimed more at experienced users who want to use the additional features. If you only want to go online, you should choose a cheaper version with fewer functions. For example, the FritzBox 7530, which is available for just over 100 euros, would be well suited.

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MediaMarkt undercuts dealers


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