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© The  latest outbreak at the Humboldt Clinic in Reinickendorf proves it once again: Doctors, nurses and carers go to work every day knowing that they may be infected with corona there.

Now also the dangerous mutation from England, soon possibly virus variants from South Africa or South America.

Added to this are overtime, extra shifts, and a higher workload on wards with fewer staff. “We have been walking on the gums for months,” said a nurse to the BZ on Sunday

It’s good that there is at least one shuttle service for the employees of the Humboldt Clinic.

© The  average Berliner cannot change the bad wages of the clinic staff – but we can all show more appreciation. A friendly smile for the woman who, after her duty, comes to meet us in a white or blue smock, just letting her go in the supermarket line. Or take part in campaigns such as “Hospital Care Packages” from star baker Cynthia Barcomi, who has sweet and savory items delivered to the wards.

What of course helps best to cause as little additional stress as possible in the clinics: Please continue to wear a mask!

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Medical staff shown appreciation Berlin


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